1 door wardrobe

Trendy and Spacious Bedroom Wardrobe

Some thirty thousand years ago humans used to don animal hides so they could protect themselves and we are pretty sure they did not use to organize their weekly hunting pelts. So the question that arises is when did we expand our clothing stack that it needed careful organizing.

The earliest wardrobes are dated back to the 14th century when only nobles used to own but with time wardrobes have become a necessity and almost everyone tries to look for wardrobes that bring a sleek and modern vibe to their room and also maximizes the space. Well we are going to list down some ideas for you

Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes have made a comeback because with all the clutter we have we want to maximize every inch we have and fitted wardrobes are the best solution to that. The top shelf of this wardrobe comes in handy if you have bulky items that you don’t use frequently like luggage or an extra vacuum or if you need to carefully sort out some expensive accessories like bags and hats.

You can also add the drawer feature to the wardrobe so you don’t have to keep a chest or a free-standing dresser and you can add hangers to your wardrobe also so you do not have to add hooks at the back of your bedroom door and they also look tacky.

so to give your bedroom a nice sleek look it is better to add a fitted wardrobe and get rid of all the clutter in your room and put everything in one place it will also make it convenient for you to find things. This will also be helpful for you when you want to sell your house because the buyers mostly look for storage so it will give you an advantage when you are selling.

Ideal Door for a Bedroom Wardrobe

The space in your bedroom should be occupied by the wardrobe itself so it can store more things but a wardrobe door is something that can take up space in your room so while designing a wardrobe you should keep this in mind. So its better to not go for a hinged door even though they are the most common but what’s common is not trendy something that will give your wardrobe a sleek look and also save up space is a sliding door some people prefer having a 1 door wardrobe which is a good idea and if you have a small room you can have a glass sliding door this will add dimension to your room.

You can also completely skip a wardrobe door but in that case, you will have to keep your wardrobe neat at all times. You can also design the wardrobe as a headboard that will make your room look trendy because sometimes your bed shares the wall with your wardrobe and you do not want it to look tacky also having wardrobes on either side of your bed will give your room a cozy look.

Another thing that will give your room a cozy feel is having a wardrobe on the sides of your window and you can make the space of the window a seating area by adding a window seat.

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