10 Most Effective Techniques in Law Firms Marketing

Businesses need to market themselves to survive in this highly competitive world. Lawyers view their practice as a profession and at the same time consider it as a business. As is the case with any business, lawyers too need to market themselves to get new clients and survive in this fiercely competitive environment. Lawyers who do not promote their practice are very likely to fall behind. It is, therefore, very important that lawyers and law firms employ best marketing techniques to promote themselves and acquire new clients. This article highlights the best law firms marketing techniques.

1. Measurable Things

Don’t do anything that you can’t measure. If you can’t track or analyze something, it’s not worth doing. When you are not able to analyze the outcome, you shouldn’t spend time and money on it. If you don’t know whether your efforts are bearing fruits, it is better to avoid it. When you strive to promote your law firm, focus on things that work. There are various marketing platforms that allow you to measure the outcome of your marketing efforts, including social media engagements, content, and keywords implementation. These data helps you understand where you need to make some improvement and what to stop.

2. Ask for Online Readers

Ask your clients for word of mouth publicity. Clients who have had good experience of dealing with you in the past can always spread good words about you. Additionally, you should encourage them to post a review on popular platforms, such as Google and LinkedIn. These are highly reputable platforms and can help you enhance your credibility and authority as a legal professional. You can also set up automated emails to send thank you messages to clients whose case gets over. You should also ask your clients to leave a review on your website.

3. Put your Firm on Google My Business

Google my Business is a great platform to promote your business. By putting yourself on Google My Business you can improve your chance of being found by prospective clients. This is a free service and clients can also leave their reviews.

4. Legal Directories

Besides online search engines, there are other methods of search. Legal directories are trusted tools for searching for lawyers and law firms. Though most people prefer to use the internet to search for whatever they need, there are still people who use the traditional method of getting information from physical directories. Many lawyers think that putting their name on legal directories enhances their online presence. It helps in networking and also improves your ranking in online search results.

5.Email Newsletters

Emails are a great way to communicate with your clients. It is easy to write and organize and people prefer to communicate via emails. As a lawyer you are likely to get information, such as regulatory changes, company or industry specific news, etc., before the general public. You can send such information to your existing clients and build on your reputation as an authority on legal matters. However, you need to be careful not over doing it. One mail a month should be enough to keep your clients engaged.

6.Online Advertising

Online advertising is gaining in popularity with every passing day. When people search for any product or service, they invariably click on online ads on Google or any other search engines. Pay per click (PPC) is a very good option to promote your firm online. You have to pay every time someone clicks on your ads, It also helps you improve your ranking in search engine results. Google Adwords, Keyword Competitor, SEM Rush are popular tools that help you in your PPC campaign. Lawyer marketing firm can help you in online advertising.

7.Online Video

Promoting Your firm on online channels, such as YouTube can give you great results. Whether you watch a video or listen to music, you are likely to see some advertisements. Many people, especially the younger generation, prefer to watch their video on smart phones rather than TV. Promoting your firm online also boosts your law firm SEO.

8. Optimize

Optimization helps in improving digital marketing for law firms. Though it is quite technical, if the performance is monitored on a regular basis it can greatly improve the conversion rate. Also, you would be able to make improvements wherever required. Post relevant contents and use visuals for optimum results.

9. Legal Content

Write relevant content to influence potential clients. Use call-to action to provide regular flow of information and news feed. You can also provide downloadable content for your visitors.

10. Social Media

With the majority of the population across the globe active on some social media platform, it can be extremely beneficial to promote your law firm. It is one of the most important law firms marketing techniques. Keeping your firm visible on social media with a well-crafted strategy is very important.

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