10 rules to get the right dress up for office – grooming and hairstyling

As a man, it is difficult to figure out how to groom yourself.

The reason is we mostly talk about women when it comes to grooming and not many men grooming.

But, it is the time for changes and now men are also mentioned in the topic of grooming of hair and skin along with the dressing. This is a good change cause every one of us has equal rights, and no one can deprive it of us.

You must have no clue about where to start it. Well, you must know everything. A well-groomed man is very appreciated in society and most of all in the offices.

Now with some guidance, anyone can make to become the perfect well-dressed man. The place we are mostly in is our offices and we need to look professional and confident.

Confidence builds up with your thinking. You need to have a positive mindset and a broad one to start grooming yourself.

Wake up in the morning, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself the words that motivate you to work every day.

10 rules to get the right dress up for office – grooming and hairstyling

Here are the 10 tips for you to go through and start thinking about your care you need to give yourself.

Rule 1: Start from the bottom

You need to start from the beginning to start anything. You cannot just take a jump. You need to know the best skin care and best serum for men to use so that you can first make your skin look fresh and healthy. You cannot just take your dull face to the office. This will leave a negative impact on your workmates. Figure out and make suggestions for the products you should use for your skin, hair and health.

Rule 2: Proceed to your wardrobe

You need to accept that you do not know anything about grooming if you do not because that is how you learn more and more. Suppose you agree to learn than think like you never knew anything. Think about yourself and assume yourself as a starter to this step. Do not skip the essential little pints that you need to know about dressing up and your style. Make yourself feel open to learning new about grooming and hairstyling.

Rule 3: Aim on the basics

Now basic means a plain white t-shirt or it can be plain black. Head over to the basics. If you wear a white shirt with a navy-blue tailor-made suit with the dress, it can make you look like a real gentleman if you go to your office dressed up like this.

Rule 4: Make a rigid wardrobe substructure

You have to rebuild your wardrobe with flexible, good quality wardrobe primaries that can match with almost anything you want to wear with it. Keep those basic colors in your wardrobe like navy blue, white, black, grey, maroon and brown. These colors go with anything you wish to contrast with. Giving you a classy, standard look to carry easily.

Rule 5: Keep everything simple

Nothing can match the class of simplicity. Overdoing or doing very less can have doubts, but simplicity will always win. Have jackets of black and white always. Keep your accessories simple. You can wear simple stone rings and a classy watch to add up with your simple black or white shirt.

Try to stay down to earth and do not complicate things by adding more and removing more. Keep it unique and enough to stay comfortable with it.

Rule 6: Get what fits you

The golden rule to grooming and styling is getting anything that fits you perfectly, giving you a clean look. Do not wear a very fitted shirt and do not wear anything too big. Try to select your clothes on average sizes. It gives an attractive look. Your personality grooming needs to start with your selection of things.

Rule 7: Cut it short

Do not buy too much and just fill your wardrobe that it starts throwing your clothes out of it because of no space. This can be a very complicated thing to do for your grooming.

It takes so much time and makes the selection of clothes much more difficult. Buy what you can match with one or two shirts or pants and can wear them alternatively. Buy the best quality clothes that can be used for over a year. It will be easier for you to manage these kinds of clothes.

Rule 8: Create more options for yourself

You cannot just wear an outfit every day. That can be bad for your reputation in your offices or if you are meeting someone. This idea is not a good one. Keep various varieties to choose from for every day dress up that you have to do. Choose clothes according to the places you are visiting. Formal clothes are for offices, casual for meetups and fancy for occasions. That is how it all is managed.

Rule 9: Layer something that makes a good contrast

You should have the sense of layering up something that can match your inner and your shoes also your pants. It can be difficult for some people. This kind of problem arises with girls too. So, having the idea of contrasting the jackets with everything is unique and attractive. You can practice it by wearing the options and checking it out how it looks and what looks good with the inner and shoes.

Rule 10: Stay unique, make your style

Everybody follows trends and that is how the world is moving right now. So, in a world full of trend followers, why not create your style and create your trend that attracts people. Well, this idea can lead you to fame also. You can be a fashion influencer if you progress in your own created style.

Pair up accessories and matching layer-ups and create your own unique grooming style. It will be fun and you will discover your sense of style.


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