10 Tips for Beautiful Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash enhancement is an everyday task, and for the natural remedies for long lashes, you are shorter in time. First, you will spend dollars in search of the perfect lasting mascara. Now, you wake up early to apply false lashes every morning. And you are still not satisfied, so you fully commit to getting lash extensions done. If you haven’t tried them yet, prepare yourself for a full-blown addiction.

 With the lash extension, you will go to bed with beautiful eyelashes, and when you wake up in the morning, your eyes already look magnificent. The time spent in front of the mirror is shorter, and you can forget about the eyeliner or mascara. These are a few reasons why you choose eyelash extensions. If you want to make that step, here are some tips from the lash experts.

1. Choose a quality saloon

You should go to qualified professionals. Remember the low price is because of poor quality materials, so don’t get trapped. Hygiene in the saloon is also a very important factor because we are talking about an eye, and it’s a highly sensitive part of the body, so the tweezers must be well cleaned. 

2. Do your research on your lash expert

Don’t go to a lash tech that is not trained professionally. You can learn how to apply for lash extensions on YouTube too. But, do you want a self-taught technician experimenting near your eyes? Training courses will explain to the artist how to properly isolate each lash for extension application. They also teach them about the chemistry behind the work and the ingredients present in the glue. You need to be sure that there is nothing harmful substance present in the products they are using on your lashes. At Knoxville, we have a professional eyelash extension technician at your service.

3. Trust the beautician’s opinion

Don’t get obsessed with certain lash extensions you saw on the Internet. Consult the professional if it will suit you. Your face shape, eye shape, and your natural eyelashes may be different from the ones that are shown in the picture. As a result, the same lash extension may stay differently on you. Also, not always more eyelash extensions mean better. The task is to emphasize and enhance your eyes, but as natural as possible. The only aim is to obtain the effect of the eyeliner and the mascara rather than the brush. So don’t insist on the professional’s opinion.

4. Choose the right extension for your natural eyelashes

Do not place thick and heavy extensions on thin natural eyelashes. It predisposes to tearing. And also, the eyelid is quite sensitive, and it can swell too. Be aware that lash extensions fans are easy on your eyes. If you choose a thicker and long eyelash extensions service, be careful with your eyes. Limit the rubbing, the pillow’s rotation because you can peel it off or break the lashes.

5. Be careful with lashes

With lashes, you don’t need makeup anymore. It is not worthy of using mascara because that is the role of lash extensions. If you still want to use mascara, make sure you clean the makeup with light cleaning products. The strong cleaning products may break down the glue, and sooner you will need maintenance. It is also not good to get your lash extensions wet in the first 24 hours after the application. Moisture will produce the vapor from glue and can irritate your eyes.

6. Keep your eyelash extensions clean

It may sound weird, but natural lashes get dusty during the day and lash extensions will be dusty twice as a natural one. It is very important to maintain good lash hygiene. Clean your face daily and use light and oil-free products like micellar water or tonic. In case of an eye problem, you should consult a doctor, not a beautician! Even the most qualified lash technician is not capable of giving you a medical treatment of your eyes. 

7. Beware of changes in medication or diet

A healthy lash takes around 2-3 months to complete a natural growth cycle. Certain medications, such as thyroid medications, can make your lashes dryer, brittle, and oilier. Changes in diet, pregnancy, or menopause can also have adverse effects on your lashes.

8. Do switch your pillowcase

You found another reason to love your silk pillowcase. Not only will it prevent wrinkles, but it also prevents your lash extension from damage. As you turn at night, your face and lashes rub against your pillowcase. While a cotton pillowcase causes friction, silk glides smoothly, which means your lashes will last even longer. 

9. Don’t be rough!

You will definitely be fussed with your lashes once you get your extensions done, but do not pick or pull at them. Just like the hair present on your head, your natural eyelashes will go through a shedding cycle. Pulling on your extensions can cause your real lashes to shed prematurely. Unfortunately, like your hair, eyelashes are not infinite. If you pull out the lash so many times, it will never come back, be careful.

10. Know their prices!

For the most part, the phrase “you get what you pay for” is agreeable when it comes to lash extensions, and price determines the quality. But some lash technician overcharge and some undercharge, which is why it is essential to look at pictures of their previous work. Knoxville’s eyelash extension will provide you with an affordable price and great quality service by trained technicians available there. 

 We serve our clients with highly trained experts and make them satisfied with the right kind of extension they wished for. We customize the lashes according to their facial features and give some useful tips for care. Now make your dreamy, long-lasting eyelashes look come true with proper care tips.



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