10 Ways in Which Robust School ERP Improves School Overall Efficiency

Schools can be mired in procedures that take up time and effort leading to delays and errors. This has an impact on their overall efficiency as well as revenue collections. The simple act of switching to school automation software can lead to positive transformations that reflect in every sphere of operations, out of which we mention ten notable ones here. 

1. Admissions

When schools reopen after vacations, it becomes a hectic time for students and the school management. Schools typically handle hundreds of applications and must evaluate and rank students to grant admission on merits. The school automation software automates this task, reducing the load on administrative staff as well as students. Students go online, access the admission portal, fill in forms and submit documents. The software itself ranks applications on merit and gives decision-makers in the school a list from which they can select. After that, it is a simple matter to inform applicants about acceptance and use the same portal to pay fees online and receive confirmation. Regular students can be sent reminders, and their parents can use the app to make fee payments online. 

2. Studies, study materials, and exams

Given that a typical classroom may have 50 or more students, it simply is not possible for teachers to give personalized attention to each student. Switching to online, remote, video conference-based tutoring in the school automation software lets schools enroll more students and yet lets teachers give more time to students who have difficulties. Beyond teacher-student interaction, you have the facility to make available digital multimedia study materials students can access on their own time, repeat views, review their knowledge level through small tests, and be exam ready. Exams are easy to conduct, test papers are easy to evaluate, and teachers spend less time and effort. You also have added the benefit of accuracy and reduction in errors that manual checks are prone to. Should students miss classes, then they can always access recordings and not have a knowledge gap.

3. Parent-teacher-student communication

Modern and robust school ERP includes a mobile app that lets student-teachers and parents communicate effortlessly through email, text, Whatsapp, and audio-video calls. Parents can view complete records of their children, pay fees, and contact teachers if they have issues. Feedback contributes to an overall improvement in efficiency and strengthens loyalty. 

4. School bus

It is important to keep children protected and safe, especially when using a school bus transport system. Your school management system incorporates bus tracking through GPS and communications as well as payments and routine procedures. School automation here gives you status at a glance and the ability to respond to breakdowns immediately so that students are not stuck. 

5. Staff and faculty

If students are focused and generate revenue, staff and faculty are no less important for the school’s efficient functioning. Use the staff and faculty management module of the school automation software for HR functions to generate payrolls, monitor performance, and let employees do more with less effort in a shorter time. 

6. School inventory

Schools must keep track of inventory such as materials for a science lab, books for the library, teaching aids for teachers, sports goods, uniforms, and other items. Consider a school that handles inventory manually. You are likely to see issues such as shortages, delays, and higher pricing. This can cause dissatisfaction for those concerned such as teachers and students, and reduce your reputation. Why take that chance? Switching to school automation software and using its inventory module gives you granular control of inventory. You will never run out of stock. 

7. Scheduling

Schools must run like clockwork. You have teachers and their timetables to ensure that workload is spread evenly to reduce stress. You have countless other events to organize for each class. You must handle parents’ appointments, and business meets. With so much going on, it can become a mess if you rely on paperwork. With school automation in place, there is no need to worry. You can set up a calendar of events and let those concerned handles it, such as teachers being able to fix their timetable or modify schedules and inform those concerned. 

8. Attendance

Attendance is yet another of the numerous tasks in a school that benefits from automation found in the school ERP solution. You can easily use fingerprint, biometrics, or card-based accessories to work with the software to record the attendance of students and employees. 

9. Ease of use reduced efforts

The right school automation software from a competent vendor is easy to use, intuitive and versatile in its modular structure. Only those with authorization can access modules relevant to their work or study. If historical records need to be accessed, you do not have to wade through a ton of papers. Everything is there, accessible at the click of a button. School employees improve efficiency and productivity when they use the school ERP solution. 

10. Handling multiple branches is easy

School ERP or school automation solutions make life even better for schools that have several branches. You can keep each branch’s functioning and finances separate. Yet, administration and management are easy across the spectrum of functions. Improved efficiency and functions translate to better reputation and increased number of students.

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