11 Easy ways to look instantly more fashionable

We, women, are so much involved in our daily work and want to spend time styling dresses or an outfit, but we don’t find that self-time in all the responsibilities we have, right ! so for that I tell you the basic styling tricks you should know so that you can look instantly fashionable without any efforts and spending much time in front of the mirror. Fashion is not about wearing the coolest trends, it is just about the styling tricks you must know, and you can instantly change your sleepy untrendy look to a more trendy and stylish one.

Your outfit is about your attitude as it is the clothes and accessories and get for yourself from trendy women’s clothing. Let’s dive into some styling tips that help pull over the top to look more fashionable without trying too hard.

1. Enhance it with accessories

Suppose there is one thing that manages to enhance your look and make you feel a bit more together, even on your bad days, than its accessories. For a statement style, you can ramp up the look for an extra sparkle by wearing good statement turquoise cluster studs. Also, layering necklaces are a great way for subtle style statements. 

2. Embrace your outfit with layers

Layering is never a bad idea when you have to feel more fashionable. The more layers you have, the less any one piece is to make or break your outfit. Throw on a jacket, or a coat over a dress, don’t be afraid to wear a silk scarf, or you can style it with a belt too for that classy vibe. This tip works wonder in winter as you need to bundle up anyway. 

3. Have a blazer for that edgy look

For an edgier or a chic look, a blazer is a great thing to have in your wardrobe. It seems like the office wears things, but you can also pair it over a graphic tee for that cool and relaxed look. A blazed over t-shirt when paired with jeans pulls off that high-low look as it fits both dressed and the casual way no matter where you are heading.

4. Wear your cross-body bag

Pull a bag to the front and show it off in style. You know you can’t deny that it’s your favorite part to style a small cross-body bag. If you have a long strap, adjust it to be shorter and make it sit closer to your waist for the perfect rock vibe stylish look. 

5. Try a tucked half 

You have seen all your fashion influencers trying this, and there is a reason for it. Doing half-tuck defines your waistline while still keeping your look undone and effortless. Whether it’s a sweater, tank, or a collared shirt, just grab the front piece and loosely tuck it down to increase your style statement. The less effort you put, the better it will look.

6. Go for a monochrome outfit.

For instant chicness, a monochrome outfit always works and mostly when done in cool and trendy black or sophisticated and elegant white. This monochrome option makes getting dressed for the day faster as it narrows your choice, and you can match head to toe and look stunning without spending too much time on selecting an outfit. Add a pop of color through accessories.

7. Hats are forever

Fashion is all about creativity and statement that gives us a well-defined look. No accessory can match the level of style that a good hat shows. Summer hats or a winter hat, it doesn’t matter as they instantly elevate your look. Try a cool fedora hat in summer as it will become your new best friend.

8. Give a style to your t-shirt.

This is one of the most favorite ways for styling graphic tees for women and looking fashionable. Only you need to do is tie a knot in your t-shirt. Whether it’s a chic midi skirt or just basic denim, this style instantly gives an outfit a cool, effortless feel with just your basic tee.

9. Wear sunglasses

If you style any outfit and feel like something missing, then coordinate with a pair of sunglasses to look dressed up. They are easier to put on than eye makeup and just slaying, isn’t it great! When you have the option to wear sunglasses, just wear it without hesitation.

10. Try a new style with denim. 

One of the simplest styles for you to have some fashion inspiration is to try a new denim style. You don’t have to go wild here, but adding a new style to your collection or trying some recent trends from trendy women’s clothing can help you to create a fresh look from old ones.

Don’t wear a jacket as a jacket, especially in transitional weather, as it won’t make you overheat and provide you with the coverage you want.

11. Switch it with your footwear

We all have a pair of shoes that are our go-to ones. But for days when you feel like putting together, usually choose footwear opposite of what you choose. For example, swap your heels with booties, sneakers with high heels, or sandals with sneakers for girls. Trust me, the more wrong it feels, the more right it is, making your basic outfit feel more together and attractive.


I will sum up to you that do follow trends and be fashionable but don’t compromise with your comfort. Don’t force yourself to wear something that is not comfortable for you, as you will not feel your best. Get yourself a nice cozy, trendy outfit from trendy women’s clothing and style it in your own way.


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