4 Ways to Do Online Marketing for Your Romance Novel Book

As much as technology offers other alternatives for literature lovers, nowadays many people do not give up having the physical book in their homes. Therefore, the opportunity to sell books online should be considered. But do you know the best way to do this, and how to properly exploit this market?

First, it is important to understand that, although it has been in decline, the book market still accounts for a significant part of the e-commerce sector.

In 2017, it accounted for 8.3% of total orders in the sector, ranking sixth among categories that year.

In 2020, the scenario is more retracted: according to a survey by Nielsen, 2.82 million units were sold in March/2020, representing a drop of 4.09% in volume and 4.44% in value compared to the same period in 2019.

Statistics aside, learn how to sell books online and expand your business possibilities!

Sell Your Romance Books in Marketplaces

To sell romance books online, it is worth reinforcing the concept of what is marketplace. The word, which in its origin means something like local marketplace, gained new meaning with the advent of the internet and technology.

Today, these online stores, with a large network capillarity, allow the sale of many products with different distribution channels. Even to sell romance books online.

It is important to understand that they differ from the online stores themselves in many points. The main one is the decentralization of stock, which helps to increase the variety of products and the agility of distribution in the same channel.

The advantages of buying and selling romance books online

There are several advantages for those who choose to sell books online. Knowing how to exploit these when faced with a consumer who seeks this type of business is fundamental.

The first point is time savings. Many times, the options end up being restricted, and the consumer will not always find the romance book in the first physical store he goes to.

In online options, it is possible to filter and go straight to the e-commerce that has the desired option, making the process faster and easier.

And if, on the one hand, there may be costs with delivery, with expensive freight depending on the location, this is offset by the convenience and absence of other displacements.

Moreover, an alternative to circumvent this problem is usually the creation of promotions. Many sellers choose to offer free shipping after a certain amount, reducing the cost to the buyer and increasing the average ticket in the negotiations.

Four tips for selling romance books online

To achieve better results when selling books online, it is worth following a few steps. See below seven tips and learn how to increase your sales, for romance book cover design you can find more here.

  1. Run promotions on commemorative dates

Consumers who are interested in books usually look for good opportunities. A tip to improve your results is to carry out promotions on commemorative dates.

For example: on dates related to professionals, offer discounts on books in that segment (Administration, Psychology, Veterinary Medicine, etc.). Or a progressive discount based on the purchase of more items on the book’s day (two books = 15% off; three books = 20%).

Besides increasing sales, this can be useful in marketing your business and word of mouth, as well as contributing to customer loyalty for future purchases.

  1. Have variety and availability

To sell books online, two things are fundamental: several options for the public and the ability to supply the demand quickly, offering short delivery times.

Today, the channels that work with this product are able to offer competitive services in these two areas – a good example is Amazon. Therefore, you need to be able to do the same.

  1. Follow market trends

This tip is fundamental in any area. However, for the literary market, it is especially important.

You need to be aware of what is being published and which titles are most sought after by readers, whether it is a new volume linked to the Harry Potter saga, or a popular author on the Internet.

To do this, follow the reviews, access specialized literature portals or even lists of bestselling titles in credible publications.

Being aware of these points keeps you up to date with the productions and interests of the public.

  1. Look for positive evaluations

Many times, the customer does not know what he will find when he chooses to buy a book online. So it is important that they have the backing of others who have already done the same.

To sell books online, it is important to encourage consumers to leave feedbacks and ratings of your business. This will make other readers feel more confident about buying from you. In addition, you can increase your store’s ranking.

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