5 Creative Ideas that will Increase Your Cosmetic Boxes in Wholesale Price

The competition has increased, and these days we must use the right strategies. And that is the only way to attract and impress clients. Hundreds of products get placed onto an aisle. And to highlight our item from them, might be the most troublesome thing. But we could simply do so by increasing the worth and look of our boxes. If we wish to increase the worth of our cosmetic boxes wholesale and the product placed in them, we must customize them properly. But we should always adopt new and better customization techniques for a better finish. Now the question is, what are some of the best and modern methods to personalize our boxes?

In this article, we would be discussing the five ways to give an elegant look to our boxes.

Customize Your Cases with the Latest Technology:

We would be discussing each of the printing methods in slight detail.

  • Screen printing:

In screen printing, we use a mesh to smear plastisol or water-based ink. These ink are of low viscosity and hence could get absorbed into the surface quickly. Once the ink is absorbed, it gives a sleek finish to our packaging boxes. And the design also remains longer. But the problem arises when we have to control the flow of ink. To do so, we use some particular requirements.

  • Gravure:

In this printing method, we could save tons of time by printing our custom cosmetic boxes in bulk. This method is effective and efficient. But how does this method work? In this printing method, we pass out the packaging sheets through the cylinders, and our design gets transferred onto it. Now, cylinders are playing different roles. One cylinder has an image etched onto it and is also dipped into ink. Now, the other cylinder presses down the material to imprint the design precisely onto the box. In this way, we get ourselves a customized case in no time. The ink dries quickly and is also long-lasting.

  • LED UV:

This printing method can make the box appear more elegant and charming by highlighting the colors. This printing method is long-lasting but somewhat expensive. With this printing method, you can give your packages a luxurious look.

Use Carving Method:

  • Engraving:

Engraving is the process of getting used by the luxurious brand to increase the worth of the product. In this printing method, the particularized design gets carved out with a metal plate or a drill. After that, the carved area could get customized with pigments or metalized foils. This method is effective in increasing sales as it highlights the box and the brand identity.

  • Embossing:

In embossing, we use a heat gun or a heat source. In this way, if we want to customize a logo, it mounts out of the surface. Such an effect gives a 3D look to our boxes and makes our logo more visible. To make it more charming and elegant, it could further get customized with metalized foils.

Consider Various Packaging Material:

If we wish to increase the worth of the product and our boxes, we should use the best material. There is various packaging material in the market, and each one of them has different nature. And that is why we would need to research and study each of them. In this way, we could know what packaging box could represent our product professionally.

  • Cardboard Box:

These packaging cases are getting used as product packaging and also for shipping. These packaging boxes are organic, biodegradable, and sustainable. We could reuse, reduce and recycle these cosmetic cardboard packaging. Another significant feature is that they could get molded into any shape, size, and structure. And hence, these boxes secure our product from any harm. Other than that, we can also use these materials to make packaging molds and frames. In this way, we could keep our product manageable and secure.


  • Corrugated Box:

The use of corrugated packaging boxes is increasing every single day. Many companies have started to update their corrugated packages to make them sturdier. These packaging cases easily protect the product by keeping it secure inside the box. It locks the product inside safe from moisture, dust, and radiation.


  • Paperboard:

Paperboard packaging cases are receiving recognition because of their sturdy nature. These packaging cases are secure, sturdy, and efficient. The packaging material is getting used to manufacture boxes of every kind to represent the item professionally. It is also customizable and cost-effective.

  • Kraft box:

Kraft packaging cases are more likely to be used for food items or non-fragile products. These packaging cases are secure and sturdy but not enough to protect fragile products. Retailers prefer to use these boxes because they are customizable and cost-effective and secure the item perfectly.

  • Rigid boxes:

Are you looking for a box that could protect your fragile product? Rigid packaging boxes are getting used to secure the item and also increase its worth. Many of the luxurious brands tend to use these boxes because of their firm nature.

Use Organic Packaging Material:

If we wish to increase the worth of our packaging cases, we must manufacture our boxes with organic material. These are the days when receiving recognition is not a difficult thing if we use the best branding. But with professional branding, we would also need to use organic material. The use of organic custom cosmetic packaging boxes can increase our sales and can impress our clients.

Make Sure that the Box is Secure and Firm:

The sturdier your box is, the more luxurious it would appear. Make sure that you use a high-quality box with an elegant look. Be creative and utilize new tactics and increase your sales by using cosmetic boxes wholesale.

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