Best Hamster Cage

5 Features To Look For To Get The Best Hamster Cage

Choosing the best hamster cage is one of the most critical things that you will do for your pet because the quality of their cage will have a huge effect on their quality of life and overall health. This is the reason why you should skip those cheap hamster cages that you find in pet stores. They’re cramped and flimsy, and you will really get what you paid for!

If you’re searching for the best hamster cage for your pet, here are five features that you can look for:


Hamster owners know that if your hamster has a large hamster cage, you can watch them for hours on end just running around and playing! This is why modular cages are so popular; you can arrange and assemble them any way that you like. Many modular cages can be attached together using tubes so that you can create a unique “hamster apartment”. Some owners like spreading out their cages while others like stacking them – the choice is yours!

Easy to Clean

On average, you will need to clean your hamster cage once a week so you want to choose a cage that’s easy to clean. Wire cages are easy to clean because the bottom part usually detaches, while plastic cages usually the most difficult because they have many components.

Good Ventilation

When it comes to aeration and ventilation, wire cages are the best hamster cage. Ventilation is important because it allows the bedding to dry out, preventing mold. It also prevents the cage from becoming smelly too quickly.

Ventilation is also important to prevent the buildup of ammonia inside the cage. If the cage does not allow air to pass through freely, the bedding can grow bacteria and trap ammonia from your pet’s urine, leading to health problems for your hamster.

Strong and Durable Material

Since hamsters are rodents, you should always remember that they have a tendency to gnaw on their cage. If you have a Syrian hamster, the best hamster cage is the wire cage because the walls can withstand the gnawing. However, if you have smaller hamster species such as Dwarf hamsters, the best hamster cage is either a plastic cage or even an aquarium.

Space for Accessories

Hamsters are fun-loving pets that adore playtime, especially if there are other hamsters with them! The best hamster cage will have enough space so that your pets will be able to scurry and run around. Whether they are running on a hamster wheel, popping in and out of a hamster “condo”, or simply exploring their cage, make sure that there are enough accessories to keep your hamster occupied and happy.


When it comes to choosing the best hamster cage, you should invest in a good quality cage. It might be a bit more expensive, but you can be sure that your pet will have a secure and comfortable home that they will thrive in. Furthermore, choosing the best hamster cage means that you can get more hamsters! It’s a win-win!

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