5 Fun Things To Do in Las Vegas on the Weekends

As a tourist, the vibe is on visiting a place that will truly satisfy your expectations. Unfortunately, sometimes things could turn out to be the opposite of what you were anticipating. And so, disappointments and resentments cloud your face.


Las Vegas hosts a wide range of tourism activities you would probably be excited about and yearn to visit. This paper’s purpose is to guide you on the top five fun activities to do while visiting Las Vegas on the weekends.


1. Entertainment Joints


Las Vegas is home to some mind-blowing and opulent entertainment joints you may enjoy. Going by the town’s nickname, the “entertainment capital of the world,” Las Vegas doesn’t disappoint in the entertainment sector. From sinful casino hotels to 24/7 clubbing joints, you get the actual definition of vibrancy and fun. The city streets are amazingly filled with beautiful glittering neon lights.


Las Vegas offers opportunities to have a thrilling experience in theme parks and amusement joints. These family-friendly parks with regulated temperatures, provide some of the best rides on Canyon Blaster rollercoaster at reasonable rates. The overzealous joy from Adventuresome Park will surely electrify your memory of the place.


Every Friday and Saturday, you can enjoy Neon Nights which involves having the best experience on neon-lit rides. Others include neon face painting and the marvelous Neon Disco Roller Skating Rink. In addition, Las Vegas pool parties are another social activity full of fun. During pool parties, there are DJs, various drinks, photos, and video-taking sessions. Most pool parties begin at the end of April and continue until October.


Las Vegas hosts the first world’s indoor trampoline park with various activities. The park offers freestyle bouncing and dodgeball games that may align with your fun activities. Additionally, the indoor trampoline provides fantastic fitness programs if you want to engage in some fitness activities. The fitness programs capture all ages to ensure none is left out.


2. Explore Art Culture and Heritage


While in Las Vegas, visit areas such as Neon Museum and learn about various vintage neon signs revealing the city’s history. Neon Museum contains over 250 iconic restored Las Vegas signs. The outdoor museum city signs are illuminated with ground lighting, creating a beautiful ambiance during the night.


Exhibitions and paintings educate about culture and the value of art in the history of humankind. Las Vegas offers you the opportunity to learn about some of the finest images and sculptures made by iconic artists like Picasso and Andy Warhol. Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art is one of the city’s best exhibition joints and world-class artworks. Another area with the city’s rich history is, Fabulous Las Vegas Sign on Las Vegas Boulevard.


The city also boasts of a children’s museum offering an array of activities you may take your young one(s). The Las Vegas’ non-profit children’s museum aims at providing children with rich life learning experiences. The museum runs exhibitions and early childhood activities open to all children, regardless of their economic backgrounds. The museum offers children exhibits in science, arts, and heritage from diverse cultural backgrounds.


3. Nature and Adventure Walks


Las Vegas is no longer just a place of gambling. The city has incorporated some of the best conservatory and botanical gardens within popular joints like Bellagio Resort and Casino. Visit Bellagio Conservatory and botanical garden and experience colorful and eye-popping decorations inspired by nature.


The Bellagio nature park is a tourist site operating throughout the year. During each season’s activity, the 14,000 square-foot gardens are turned into an exhibition site showcasing a variety of plants and eye-catching decorations of pavilions, and bridges, among others.


Las Vegas also hosts a national conversation park called Red Rock Canyon National Conservation. Within the conservation, you may take a nature walk to learn more about different features within the park. If you are a nature-lover, take a 20-minute ride from the city and enjoy the beauty of nature.


This conservation area allows you to see and learn more about terracotta-colored limestone and the view of Aztec sandstone cliffs alongside the different species of plants and animals.


Other Las Vegas natural attraction sites include

  • Las Vegas dunes tour
  • Grand Canyon deluxe helicopter tour from Las Vegas
  • Half-day emerald cave kayak tour
  • Grand Canyon South Rim, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend Day Tour from Las Vegas, and many more.


4. Sporting and Gaming Activities


Las Vegas is rich in sporting and gaming activities you would probably like to experience. Fans of pinball gaming get the chance of gaming in some of the oldest restored and preserved pinball machines dating from the 1950s to 1990s. Pinball Hall of Fame allows the chance to interact with some ancient gaming equipment.


Entry to the hall is free, though you will have to pay small fees to play the games. The rates of the older and new models vary.


The city also provides you with motorsport activities. The Vegas Off-Road Experience is the latest fascinating sporting activity in Las Vegas. You enjoy the experience of driving a Race Truck 1- one mile off the road, which can also help you boost your experience as a racer.


Other gaming activities in Las Vegas include

  • FLY LINQ Zipline Ticket
  • Big Apple Coaster at New York-New York Hotel
  • STRAT Tower – Thrill Rides Admission
  • STRAT SkyJump Ticket
  • Go-Kart Racing etc.


5. Shopping


On a tour visit to Las Vegas, gift yourself something pleasant and memorable. Throw yourself into a bit of a shopping spree in some of the premium shopping outlets in the city. Some of the shopping malls in Las Vegas will give you the best shopping deals and a wide range of items to choose from. The city is the home of fashion; from foot ware, and accessories, to clothes.


Shopping outlets like Fashion Show Mall allow you to interact with an array of the latest fashion designs. Additionally, the mall holds a fashion show every weekend showcasing different products.


Other shopping outlets within Las Vegas are,

  • Las Vegas Premium Outlets – North
  • The Forum Shops
  • Miracle Mile Shops
  • The Grand Canal Shoppes
  • Townsquare Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas Premium Outlets – South


Las Vegas is rich in tourism events that will truly satisfy your expectations whenever you visit the city. Visit Las Vegas and have some memorable events in a lifetime! The city is home to some of the best and most luxurious social activities with excellent facilities.



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