5 Items to Keep Your Backpack Organized When You Travel

Are you going to travel anytime soon? Do you have a wish to keep your bags organized? You are not alone if you say YES to the latter. Many people who have had years of traveling experience still struggle to keep their bags or backpacks organized. Many ignore the fact that how important it is to have an organized backpack. The majority would be only worrying about having all the Internet essentials but would ignore organizing their gadgets! Hopefully, this post will help you.

Here are all the items that you should invest in if you wish to have a sorted backpack the next time you travel:

Packing Cubes

You might not know but packing cubes are the best way of preventing your luggage from becoming an absolute mess but the second day of your trip. For those of you who are not aware of what these are, so packing cubes allow you to make compartments of your dresses and luggage within a suitcase. For example, you can have packing cubes for the following:

  • Pants or shorts
  • T-shirts or tops
  • Cardigans or sweaters
  • Socks or undergarments

Invest in some packing cubes and you will thank me for the rest of your life. Because keeping clothes organized is a challenge in itself. Not to forget the time that it takes to re-organize them or the trouble one has to go through to find a piece of clothing when things are not organized. And you end up wasting your precious time that you might have utilized elsewhere.

You can get them in various colors. If you wish you can even dedicate a bag to your electronics and another to the toiletries.

Electronics Organizer

In case you do not want to go with the packing cubes option for your electronics, there are special bags (read electronics organizer) that you can invest in. However, an average traveler might not need it as he/she may not have enough electronics to need a bag for them. But if you are a gadget geek, then you should invest in one. From your cables to batteries to chargers to hard drives, you can keep them all in this bag.

The best part is that there are compartments in the organizer so you do not have to worry about cables tangling with each other. Available in different sizes, you can choose a size according to your needs. An organizer will save you the time that you would otherwise spend looking for chargers and the like.

You can even choose to carry your smartphones, tablets, or laptops in these organizers as there are compartments for them as well.

Toiletry Bag

Toiletries are essentials items that you carry on any vacation. However, they tend to get lost between all the luggage the most. Be it your toothbrush or toothpaste, if you keep it somewhere between your luggage, you won’t be able to find it. And there is a way to store them properly – the toiletry bag. More than getting lost, the fear of them spilling haunts almost everyone. But now you do not have to worry as the toiletry bag has got your back.

You can place all your toiletries in the bag. There are compartments for all the big and small items. So, you can manage it accordingly. It would be the best idea to not invest in cloth made toiletry bags as any spill inside the bag would cause some damage outside as well. Opt for waterproof material. Some bags even come with separate zippered compartments. Thus, allowing you to keep the toiletries separate from each other as well.

Laundry Bag

Who would want his/her clean clothes to get mixed with the dirty ones? No one. And laundry bags make it possible for you to do the same. No matter if you are a light packer. You would still have some dirty clothes that would need washing. So, it is always the best idea to keep a laundry bag. Keep collecting all your dirty clothes in the bag so that when you return from the trip, you don’t have to go through the hassle of doing so.

The best laundry bag would be made of waterproof material and would be strong enough to hold all your dirty clothes. These bags will also make it easy for you to throw all your laundry in the washing machine once you are back.

Document Organizer

Lastly, you should also invest in a document organizer. From keeping your passport in place to making sure that you do not lose your ticket, document organizers are essential. You may not realize it at first but you will thank me once you invest in one. Share your experience after using it on your next trip.

I even keep my Cox customer care center’s number in written form in the document organizer. I have this level of dependence on the organizer!

Hope you find this list useful. If you have any other suggestions, do share in the comments.

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