5 out of the box ideas for using modern bar stools in small spaces

Modern bar stools are available in many gorgeous styles and designs. But do you know that there are several ways to use modern bar stools than simply placing them around a bar counter? Besides high counters, breakfast nooks and kitchen islands, there are ample ways to use a bar stool.

So, you have got many decoration opportunities. Homeowners can even choose any desired option as per their requirements. Even if you have a small apartment or office space, it does not mean that you have to miss out on this trend of bar stools online in India

Even though there is a sea of options to choose from, the bar stool must be as per your interior style, requirements and, of course, budget. Now without further ado, let’s take a look at how to use different bar stools and blend them into various areas of your home. 

  1. As a Side Table/Entrance Table

Do you need a small space at the entrance to throw your keys whenever you get home? Or, you need to put your coffee cup right next to your couch? It is best to use a bar stool as an entrance table or a side table for your home. With some coasters and a bowl of keys, a modern bar stool is useful as a makeshift small table. However, place it at a suitable height for keeping small items or other knick-knacks. 

  1. As a Plant Stand

Looking for an innovative way to decorate your home with plants? Placing them on a windowsill is one option. But it can block some light. And, putting them on a coffee table can take up extra space. So, it is best to use modern bar stools available online in India. 

You can use bar stools as a plant stands for all your houseplants or a few of them. After that, keep these stools near your window and out of the way. It will spruce up the interior space without disrupting the natural daylight or taking up too much space. 

  1. As a Bathroom Rack

Are you looking for a practical way to put your towels or toiletries in your shower room? A bar stool with adjustable height is a great option. A stool in your bathroom may double up as seating or to keep your essentials in the morning. It is also beneficial in public showers or bathrooms in gyms, hotel rooms, etc. Instead of a simple towel shelf or rack, a stool (as a rack) can fulfil some other requirements too. 

You can look for a designer bar stool with an adjustable feature to change its height as per your needs. You can even choose it in any material as per the interior design. 

  1. As a DIY Desk

Want a unique desk for a particular room? You can use two stools on either end for sitting and keeping a desktop or laptop. Or, simply set the wood plants across them for a distinct look. The top section may be secured or fastened with the stool or placed on the top if it doesn’t bear too much weight. This particular shelf or desk is useful in any capacity and for anything you like. For instance, you can use it to keep antiques, decorations, phones, hats, scarves, photos, etc. 

  1. As a Reading Corner

Does your home have just one window with a small balcony that offers amazing outside views? So, why not turn this space into something that you’d like to use more often? You can use two bar stools, one for yourself and one for keeping a book or cup and relax there every time you want to have a cup of coffee or just read a good book. You may even add a portable desk to this little reading nook of yours.  

  1. As a Kid’s Workspace

Sometimes your young ones also need serious workplaces for delicate crafts work or crayoning. So, let them improve their craftsman skills by adding two to three small bar chair in their room or any other place they like. You can put a desktop on two stools for a makeshift table for your kid. And, the third stool is good for seating comfortably. 


Both commercial and interior designers appreciate the innovative use of bar stools. Today, you can easily find bar stools online in India. These are available in various design options, so you can choose them as per your space, budget, interior and preference.

With accurate weight distribution, comfort and aesthetic designs, bar stools are great for decoration. You can use them in the dining room, living room, kitchen or other areas. With the mentioned uses, modern bar stools are likely to give an exquisite look to your business or home with creative decor.

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