5 Reasons why Bangalore has become the Epicenter of the data revolution in India

One Indian city hosts almost 30% of the 4 million IT jobs in India. It accommodates the headquarters of the best and biggest domestic as well as multinational companies. This city is also home to nearly 8,000 registered tech startups with two to three startups being added to the list almost every day. Does it ever occur to you why of all places a quaint city in Karnataka attracted so much tech crowd? Do you ever feel that we do not appreciate this city enough for how it has run the technological machinery in India? Well, this post is all about the Silicon Valley of India, the Garden city, Bangalore.

Some history

The city of Bangalore took birth in 1537 when Kempegowda, a feudatory of the Vijayanagara empire, built a mud fort there. It got the name from a nearby village. The city became the capital of Mysore state after India’s independence. And when, in 1956, the state of Karnataka was included in India, Bangalore became the capital of the new state. The first multinational company to set base in Bangalore was Texas Instruments. It happened in 1985, and ever since then the software industry in India has grown in and around Bangalore.

Features that make Bangalore suitable for the data revolution

The data revolution refers to the all pervading adoption of data centric methods to improve decision making across businesses, and also the application of data science, machine learning, and other data related technologies to solve various real world problems. Bangalore was the IT capital of India, it has now become the epicenter of the data revolution too. Let us see why.

The government policy in the state of Karnataka

The government in the state of Karnataka has been relatively stable and it has worked quite robustly towards making the state suitable for IT investments. Karnataka has 47 IT and ITES special economic zones. The state also accommodates the headquarters of major firms from a wide array of fields from microbiology, to agro, to textile. The government is clearly industry friendly and it has worked in favour of Bangalore.

Technology cluster

Bangalore has the fourth largest technology cluster in the world. It has separate sections housing different industries. The city has become a hub for technological talents from across the country.

Training facilities

Bangalore hosts a large number of data science and analytics institutes. It is very easy to find good data science courses in Bangalore. The city has helped in forming the necessary workforce to drive innovation in data science and artificial intelligence. The training facilities have played a huge part in this.

The cultural boiling pot

Bangalore accommodates young talents from across the country. People from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds meet and mingle here creating a mixed culture characterized by tolerance, acceptance, and focus on work.

Top it off with fantastic climate, well maintained roads, disciplined citizens, and you have the perfect place to build an AI startup.

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