Aged roof shingles that need to be replaced

5 Signs Your Roof Needs to be Replaced

Are you starting to notice a lot of moss or algae growing on your roof? Are there some cracked shingles? Whether your roof has been the victim of a violent wind storm or has weathered one rough winter too many, you might need to consider getting it replaced. Here are five signs that your roof needs to be replaced.

Obvious Leaks

There are many reasons why roof leaks occur. A visible leak is a surefire sign that you need a new roof since, as the roof materials weaken, water can get through and drip down into your home. This can result in obvious puddles during storms and turn into mold.

A roofing contractor might be able to place a patch or do a small repair to fix a minor leak. However, if the leak is large, persistent, or multiple, you need a new roof. The best way to know for sure how bad the damage is is to have a professional come in and assess.

Mossy, Damaged, or Curling Shingles

Mossy, damaged, or curling shingles are another clear indicator you need a new roof. You might notice missing granules, discoloration around the vents, or damage near skylights or the chimney. Shingle debris might even show up in your gutters, so it is a good idea to check those.

A Sloping Roofline

If your roofline is starting to sag, you could be dealing with a roof deck saturated with water or a framing problem. If you see water leaks, water damage, or shingle damage, you need to act fast since this could help you avoid a full or partial cave-in.

Water Damage to the Interior

Inner water damage isn’t something you can easily see, but it can wreak havoc on your home. You might start to see stains developing on your ceiling or running down the wall. If your home has an attic, you might find stains or little puddles forming there, which would indicate inner water damage coming from the roof. By yourself, you might have trouble determining the exact source of the leak – or if there are multiple leaks. If there is inner water damage coming from a leak in the roof, you will want to get a professional roofing contractor in there to assess. A new roof will probably be in order.

Storm-related Damage

Of course, storms can utterly destroy perfectly good roofs. Even a burst of flatline winds can take out your roof by ripping off shingles or toppling a tree down onto your roof. Storm damage is one of the leading causes of needing a roof repair.

Those who live in areas that are prone to intense storm damage from hurricanes or tornadoes know that roof damage from a storm can be utterly devastating and expensive. It can still be hard to predict if your roof will survive the next storm, too. Even if your roof seems to look okay enough at first sight after the storm, there could be damage that worsens over time.

High-speed winds can lift shingles without ripping them off, and this can cause cracks. This leads to UV damage and water seeping in. Shingles can also get punctured by debris that gets carried into them by winds. No matter the case, you will need to act fast to get your roof repairs done after a storm since things can fall apart quickly after the damage occurs.

Contact A Roofing Specialist About Getting a New Roof

Do not put off getting your roof assessed and repaired or replaced. There are plenty of specialists, like Cenvar Roofing, who can help you. No matter where you live, you can find companies that will provide roof repair and gutter installation services so that everything is up to par on your roof. Schedule your free estimate today to kickstart the process of getting your new roof.

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