5 Things That Drive Leads Away from Your Website

The success of any online store or eCommerce business relies heavily on its conversion rate. It can be expensive and tricky to acquire quality leads but even trickier to convert them. 

So, if you’re looking at your conversion rate and wondering why it’s low, here are five things that might be driving your potential customers away from your website.

Weak Inbound Marketing

Strong content creation is a must to consistently attract the right people to your business in a cost-efficient manner. Your inbound marketing efforts focus on this key aspect. A good inbound marketing play is to start a business blog. An eCommerce website without a blog produces weak inbound marketing results.

To come up with strong content that converts viewers to customers, identify your ideal buyer’s persona. Find out what job position they hold, what pain points they have, and which income bracket they’re categorized in. Creating content that talks about luxury designer watches worth $10,000 or up and then marketing it to the average Joe or Jane simply won’t convert any viewers to customers.

When writing your blog posts, structure them with content that answers your reader’s questions. Additionally, take a different angle when writing your post to make it stand out. 

Lastly, publish and promote your blog post using search engine optimization tools and social networking platforms.

Confusing Web Layout

Professionally designed websites cost thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to build and maintain. Websites, like Google, Yahoo, and Amazon, run like clockwork and are smooth to navigate through. If your business website does not have a clear path that tells visitors where to browse your products or how to contact customer service, it can lead to a frustrating customer experience.

A common web design issue is an outdated style that includes elements like big chunks of content in the centerline of your pages, a lot of whitespace on the sides, and 2D visual effects. As a general rule of thumb, limit the colors and fonts you use to maintain a thematic color scheme.

Another problem is that your website looks too impersonal. Try to establish an emotional connection with your audience by creating personal elements that are unique to your business website. For instance, you should have professional headshots of all executives involved in your company on the “About Us” page.

No or Low-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the simplest yet most powerful ways to get traffic and leads to your website. To get traffic to your business’ website, you’ll need to get a higher ranking on search engines. And to get that coveted first or second-page rankings in search engines, like Google and Bing, you need to be well-positioned in your respective market.

One way to be the leading authority in your industry is to get quality backlinks. The more high-authority websites that connect to your website, the higher credibility you get in the eyes and algorithms of search engines.

Some of the ways to earn high-quality backlinks include reclaiming unlinked mentions, getting contextual links, reaching out to reputable journalists, updating any old site content, and building free tools for readers and customers.

Not Mobile Optimized

Today’s consumers search for a product, service, or business on their smartphone or tablet on the go. Gone are the days when web users were restricted to their home desktops or Internet cafes to search the web.

If your website doesn’t perform well on a mobile device (fails to resize pages properly or takes too long to load content), you can lose a big chunk of your traffic and potential customers.

Some things you can do to optimize a website for mobile use include using custom CSS to maximize site responsiveness, choosing responsive themes and plugins, and tailoring your pop-ups for mobile applications.

Subpar Security Protocols

An unsecured business website can drive traffic away from your website. Customers are aware of the cybersecurity threats that exist these days. Make sure your website has industry-standard security protocols to safeguard your customer’s sensitive information.

Some security protocols you’ll want for your website include authentication, authorization, data security, and nonrepudiation. You may need to bring in a security expert to handle these areas of the website.

The Bottom Line

These five things are the most common issues that drive leads away from your business. By resolving them, you can get better quality leads and consistent traffic for your website, which more than pays for whatever time, money, and effort you put into fixing them.

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