5 Things to Consider When Designing Your Website

Is it your first time designing a website? Then there are some factors you need to consider.

A website is an important tool for any business. When you have a website, you can showcase the products and services you’re selling. Additionally, your business can attract more clients and become more credible.

To design a good website, you must dedicate ample time to planning. Even when you hire a professional to assist you, ensure you’ve considered the following factors as you design a website.

1. Purpose of the Website

You can design a website for personal use or business purposes. A website can also boost the online presence of your physical store; this is what you should first consider before you design a website.

After determining the purpose of the website, you can factor in the web design elements such as ease of navigation and readability.

2. Branding

Branding ensures your website has an identity. Branding is still required even when a website is meant for personal use. Large corporations can use logos and different branding materials.

3. Hosting Service

Another factor to consider is the hosting service. There are different options when it comes to hosting a website, so you should conduct in-depth research before settling on a particular provider.

The common hosting services are dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Shared hosting allows multiple websites to be hosted on the same server. On the other hand, dedicated hosting entails a single server hosting only one website.

Both hosting types have different drawbacks and benefits. For example, shared hosting is affordable compared to dedicated hosting. Nonetheless, the storage space is limited. Dedicated hosting ensures you have full control over every resource allotted to every website.

4. Responsiveness

Currently, people can access a website from a desktop or a smartphone. Since the majority usually access websites from their smartphones, responsiveness is a factor to consider. If a website is mobile responsive, the traffic will be high since the target audience will manage to view the website successfully. 

For your website’s design to be effective, the design elements, layout functionality, and interface should translate across different platforms successfully.

5. Reputable CMS (Content Management System)

You need to incorporate a CMS (content management system) when designing a website. Why do you need a CMS? For starters, the front of a website is the outlook. A website’s enhancement usually takes place from the backend, which is why you require solid backend administrations.

How to Make a Good Website

A web designer usually focuses on the “design” aspect in any discussion involving website design. When designing a website, the main focus shouldn’t be on aesthetics alone. 

Besides aesthetics, designing a good website also revolves around the following.


Some users visiting your website may not see the screen properly. For instance, if a user is using a screen reader, they cannot access different elements on the website. Thus, you should ensure your website is accessible, and every user can view it.


Here, the main focus is on ensuring your website is easy to navigate. Good websites should be intuitive, which means the users won’t need any instructions when using them. The main priority is to ensure that your website is operating smoothly.

User Experience

A well-designed website should offer a good user experience. The user isn’t supposed to struggle to find anything on the website. Instead, they’re supposed to easily locate everything they need. You may even consider working with a custom web design company to ensure that the website will offer a good user experience.


When designing a website, the purpose matters. Depending on the website’s purpose, the designer can offer insights into the features that should be incorporated. Also, they will design a website that aligns with the specified purpose. Apart from that, you need to use a reliable hosting service. If possible, ensure a service provider is hosting your website with customer support throughout. If an issue arises, you’ll get the assistance you need immediately. The hosting service provider should also guarantee minimal downtime. Additionally, responsiveness and usability also matter since you must ensure each user has a pleasant experience.

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