5 Tips for Enhancing Visual Marketing Assets

Photo by Kaique Rocha: https://www.pexels.com/photo/grayscale-photography-of-person-walking-near-escalator-125532/

Did it take a minute to ponder the phrase a picture is worth more than a thousand words? A post with a visual image will have five times more engagement than a text-only post. Bloggers using visuals receive 94% more attention than their blogs. It tells how much influence you get when using visuals for your communication, whether formal or informal. Let’s explore how we can create even more fascinating videos that will capture your audience’s attention.

1. Deciding on the best format to represent your Visual

You are crafting a message in a way that is relatable to your audience using videos or the correct words that speak to your target customer. More so, using memes or GIFs and calling your team to action using diagrams can be achieved using 3d illustration software.


Understanding your target audience informs the visual representation you intend to use. The message you want to convey also dictates which graphical illustration is the most viable for use. Determine if you need highlighted words to go with your visual representation and at what point they should get highlighted.

2. Choosing the color schemes for use

Different Colors communicate different messages. Yellow is the color of happiness, Green with nature, Black with elegance or mystery, and the list is endless. The color that best resonates with your message lets it dominates your visual. It can be easier if you already have company color codes. You want your visual to bring more attention to the product you are selling, and you will thus use color schemes to your advantage. It is essential to ensure that your vision is not too colorful or bland. You need to settle on just the perfect color schemes.

3. Ensure your message is consistent with the audience’s needs

A leader or a product developer will know how to read their team or market needs. The leader internalizes the need and works toward a plan to encourage and motivate the team. The product developer knows how to design a product that will meet the market need and grow revenues.


Often the market or the team does not know they need a product or motivation until they hear it or use the product. Similarly, your message should speak to your audience in a way that calls them to action or increases awareness and collaboration in your team. It should also lead to revenue growth and market share for your company.

4. Decide on how many visuals are crucial for your message

Once the message you want to convey is clear, you need to decide how many visual illustrations you need. When it’s more than one graphical illustration, take note to ensure that your visuals complement each other. The format of the visuals can also have different configurations depending on the communication or target need. A good flow keeps your audience captivated. It should be easy to remember and follow, even with little guidance. You must also ensure the related visuals are in the same folder, post, or presentation to avoid distorting the message.

5. Keep it simple and connected

Finally, think about the accessibility of your visual content and illustrations. You must ensure your video is long enough to capture your message fully and short enough to keep your audience interested. If it is a transferable file, you must ensure that the size is easily downloadable and does not need much space on the user’s device. If it is a visual that requires team collaboration, it is vital to make sure anyone in the team can access it for consistency in the company. Also, Product identity and editable templates go along with achieving this.


You are eliminating all obstacles that result in misunderstanding across teams and information misrepresentation to clients. More so, lack of information is very achievable using visual marketing assets. In the long run, every company wants to be at the industry’s top. How you decide to use the resources available sets you apart for success. With the above four pointers, you are set for victory in your journey of using visual illustrations.

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