5 Tips for Safely Lighting Off Fireworks This Summer

Lighting fireworks can be a fun activity this summer to add sparkling magic to your celebration, but when done safely. Safety should be the first concern and priority of every person lighting off the fireworks and watching them. In this article, we will mention some tips to ensure the safety of everyone enjoying their happy moments.

5 Tips for Firework Safety

Fireworks are the most mesmerising thing to watch. Nothing can be more beautiful than a night sky filled with lights, colours and stars everywhere. Whether you love sparkler fireworks, roman candles, Fountain fireworksor smoke bombs, safety comes first than enjoyment. Let’s look at these safety tips so you can get aware of dos and don’ts.

1.   Shop the fireworks wisely

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Smart purchase of fireworks is the first step you can take for the safety of yourself and your surrounded people. While buying the fireworks, it is important to remember that not all fireworks are created the same way. According to law, you should only purchase fireworks from licensed stores. This smart purchasing will give you peace of mind that the firework you are buying meets all the safety standards of your local area. Keep in mind, never buy illegal fireworks. Fireworks that do not meet the standard regulations are forbidden. These fireworks are:

  • Ground-based fireworks that contain more than 50mg of explosive powder are forbidden.
  • Aerial firework with more than 150mg of powder
  • Fuses that burn for longer than nine seconds and less than three seconds.

Purchasing these fireworks can cause you a heavy penalty.

2.   Protect yourself

The safety of the one, lighting of fireworks should be considered first. According to a study, 19 % of injuries are caused by fireworks, and these injuries affect the eyes. In severe cases, the injury can lead to temporary or permanent blindness. Moreover, the loud sounds of fireworks can damage the sense of hearing of a person lighting them. If you feel like your ears are hurting after watching the fireworks display, this exposure might cause damage. For the safety of your eyes and ears, it is recommended to wear goggles and earplugs while watching the fireworks display.

3.   Keep the kids and pets away

Kids and pets should never be exposed to open firework displays. Many people die or get badly injured after fireworks-related incidents. To keep your children safe from injury, keep them as far as possible. Never leave your children near fireworks without supervision, and keep your pets inside the house so they don’t freak out. Never let your child hold a firework. Children are sensitive and are at a higher risk of injury.

4.   Light them safely

The main precautions that you should take care of during the time of using fireworks. Follow all the safety measurements such as wear gloves, safety glasses and earplugs. After lighting the fuse, move at the safest distance, and keep the water supply near you to avoid a case of emergency. Do remember that dud fireworks always pose a risk. These fireworks do not go off, and you should never attempt to relight them.

5.   Dispose of properly

Disposal of fireworks is the last step. Make sure to dispose of them properly to avoid mishaps or injury. Fireworks are not biodegradable, so do not leave them on the ground. You must pick all the used fireworks after the end of the display to prevent pollution. Instead of letting them set on the ground, soak the used fireworks in a bucket of water overnight. Double wrap the soaked fireworks in the cling sheet and put them in a dustbin outside your house.


For many people, fireworks are an essential part of summer days. Though fireworks create a dazzling display full of beautiful colours, lights, smokes and stars, that is liked by everyone. Spectators of all ages find it amazing and exciting. However, they can also be extremely dangerous and full of risks if they are not handled with care. If you are planning to host a firework show this summer or planning to go to the firework display, make sure to keep these tips in mind. Hopefully, these tips will help you. Stay safe!


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