5 Tips for Someone Wanting to Be Comfortable with Self Defense

Self-defense is an important skill to have in today’s world. Defending yourself can protect your life, security, and peace of mind. Unfortunately, only a few people are comfortable with the idea of self-defense and need help knowing where to start when it comes to learning how to protect themselves. Below are tips for someone who wants to learn more about self-defense and become more confident and competent in their ability to respond should they ever find themselves in a dangerous situation.

1. Take a Self-Defense Course and Have the right gears

The first step to becoming comfortable with self-defense is to take a self-defense course. These courses are designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills for defending themselves in dangerous situations. These classes will teach you physical techniques like punching and kicking and will also provide mental preparation for dealing with tense or threatening situations. Taking one of these courses will be well worth your time and money as it can help you gain the confidence to defend yourself if the need arises.


For someone wanting to be comfortable with self-defense, it’s essential to have the right gear. Depending on where self-defense needs to be practiced, self-defense wholesale products should be purchased accordingly, as self-defense gear for the home, self-defense gear for the office, and self-defense gear for the car are all different. For instance, a non-lethal self-defense gun for car use can’t work at home or office, whereas pepper sprays and personal alarms act more efficiently in those spaces than armed self-defense. Thus, it’s imperative to understand the kind of self-defense gear that works best in what environment before investing wholesale into them and have peace of mind when utilizing self-defense techniques.

2. Practice Proper Posture

Proper posture is essential in self-defense as it helps create an intimidating presence that deters attackers from approaching or attacking you in the first place. To achieve this, stand up straight while maintaining good posture by avoiding slouching or hunching over.


Additionally, maintain eye contact—looking away may signal weakness which could make you a target for assailants looking for an easy victim. Finally, move confidently into whatever space you occupy—even if it’s just walking confidently down a street at night—this, too, sends out powerful messages of control and strength that can prevent potential attackers from approaching you in the first place without having to resort to physical force at all.

3. Stay Physically Fit

Maintaining physical fitness can make a difference in any situation requiring self-defense as it increases strength, endurance, and agility—all important elements necessary for defending yourself against an attack. Spend time doing cardio exercises such as running or jogging along with strengthening exercises like weight lifting and yoga to maintain peak physical condition at all times.

4. Learn Specific Defense Tactics

As well as taking self-defense classes or researching martial arts/combat sports another way of becoming comfortable with self-defense is learning specific tactics such as using everyday items/objects like umbrellas or backpacks strategically when potentially dangerous situations arise –to both distract/confuse attackers & give yourself enough time/distance necessary to either evacuate safely or call for help if need be —but above all else remember that escaping should always be your number one priority whenever possible no matter what circumstances may present themselves during any potential altercation so think quickly & act wisely.

5. Stay Alert

Staying alert at all times is key when it comes to being able to defend yourself properly if attacked in any way, shape, or form, so keep your eyes open & pay attention to your surroundings no matter where you’re going or who’s around –especially during late night hours when most street crimes occur–make sure never walk alone & always remain aware what happening nearby while trusting your instincts and gut feeling since they can tell far more than we sometimes consciously realize –never put yourself into an unnecessarily risky situation regardless of how tempting it may be because forewarned sometimes means forearmed & knowing ahead means being prepared ahead.


Self-defense is something that everyone should take seriously especially considering how quickly confrontations can escalate into potentially dangerous situations if precautions aren’t taken beforehand. Following these tips will help anyone wanting to become more familiar with various strategies used for defending oneself while simultaneously developing confidence should they ever find themselves needing to utilize them outside the safety provided by training sessions at home or in gym environments.

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