5 Ways to Fix Vaper’s Tongue and Get Better Juice Flavor 

If you have been vaping your favorite flavor, and you suddenly discovered that you couldn’t perceive the taste any longer, then you have nothing but the vaper’s tongue. In other words, it is a condition that makes your tongue feel numb, or you suddenly start to dislike your favorite flavor.  

The good thing is that it’s not a severe or permanent condition, and it could be due to some factors that you can control.  To get this condition fixed, you must precisely know what it is and why it happens.    


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What is Vaper’s Tongue? 

Vaper’s tongue is a condition that occurs when a vaper is unable to taste the vape juice.  It happens suddenly without any warning.  It is a phenomenon that is common with vapers worldwide.  This situation occurs from time to time, and it usually takes a period of one to three days. You might be unable to perceive your favorite vampire vape juice’s taste for up to a week or two in some cases.  

Years ago, this condition became known when many vapers noticed that they could not taste safe CBD vape pen juice because of a thick coating on their tongue.  This coating blocks their tongues’ ability to taste.  

Though the inability to taste the full flavor of your juice won’t slow down or hinder your vapor absorption, perceiving your vampire vape juice flavor is essential as it helps you enjoy your vaping experience.   In the subsequent sections, we will look at its cause and five ways to overcome it.  


What are the Causes of Vaper’s Tongue?

The tongue is the sense organ responsible for taste, and it performs its duty perfectly when there is enough saliva in the mouth.  Vaping can sometimes lead to dry mouth, which can also be referred to as fatigue tongue.  When the tongue is devoid of saliva, it affects its ability to taste.  

Besides mouth dryness, there are several other causes of the vaper’s tongue. Let’s look into some other possible causes of this condition.  

  • Medications

Some drugs can inhibit your ability to taste and smell. Hence, taking a particular medication might cause you not to perceive your vampire vape juice taste.  Some medicines that might affect your taste include Captopril, Lithium, Procarbazine, Thyroid drugs, Penicillamine, and some cancer drugs. 

  • Dehydration 

Simply put, dehydration is the lack of water.  It is one of the most significant causes of vaper’s tongue.  The importance of staying hydrated while vaping cannot be overstated.  Therefore, you must try as much as possible to avoid dehydration by taking enough water.  You can also take some beverages that are hydration specific; examples are Powerade and Coconut Water.  

  • Vaping a single flavor for a long time 

No doubt, you would love to vape your favorite juice day after day.  However, vaping the same flavor for an extended time comes with a side effect.  At a point, you won’t be able to taste it any longer.  Besides dehydration, this factor is a common cause of this condition. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to take a break from vaping that particular flavor.  

  • Anxiety and Stress 

According to the observations of some vapers, stress and anxiety can also lead to a vaper’s tongue. Vapers might experience a change in taste when they are anxious or stressed.  Also, some people feel the same when they are not under stress or anxious.  It has not yet been proved how and why anxiety and stress inhibit your ability to taste your favorite flavor, but they have a profound effect on our sense of taste and smell.  

  • Illnesses 

Blocked nose, flu, and other similar illnesses can affect your ability to taste and smell things properly.  Furthermore, some health issues can lead to a vaper’s tongue and prevent you from enjoying your vaping experience.  Here are some of them: Zinc and Vitamin B12 deficiency, Inflamed or swollen gums; Alzheimer’s, and head, nose, or mouth injury 

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5 Ways to Cure Vaper’s Tongue 


By now, you have known some factors that inhibit your ability to taste and smell your favorite flavor.  You should endeavor to seek medical help if you are battling illness, anxiety, vitamin deficiencies, and other illnesses that lead to this condition.  If you don’t need any medical intervention, following the solutions given here will help you fix the vaper’s tongue without any disappointment.  Here we go!

  • Drink Enough Water

As discussed earlier, dehydration is one of the significant causes of the vaper’s tongue.  You can address it by staying hydrated all the time. Apart from hydrating your body, drinking enough water helps in clearing the palate.  

  • Change your Flavor 

Another solution that has worked effectively for many vapers is changing your flavor.  If you vape in UK you can easily have access to a wide range of juice flavors.  Some of these vape juices include Vampire Vape, Ohm Brew salt range, and lots of others. Hence you must frequently switch to another taste, and return to your favorite flavor after some weeks.  

  • Allow time 

In the case of damaged taste buds, you should give it a little time to heal. Damaged taste buds can take about two weeks to heal up.  Therefore, give your taste buds some time to heal, and you will be amazed at the result you get at the end of the day. 

  • Suck on lemon or inhale the smell of coffee beans 

The essence of taking coffee beans or sucking on the lemon is to make your taste buds more effective.  In other words, they are meant to reset the taste buds.  Other alternatives to lemon you can consider are lemon flavored vape juices and lemon sorbent. 

  • Use a stronger flavor.

You can also forgo the subtle flavor and go for something stronger.  Some of these flavors include mint and menthol.   


Vaper’s tongue is an undesirable situation that occurs among vapers from time to time. Suppose you discovered that you suddenly could not taste your favorite juice flavor. There is no cause for alarm; it is not a time to start panicking; neither is it a time to get confused.  All you need to do is find out the cause of the condition and fix it using an appropriate method, based on the solutions provided in this article. 

Besides the solution given above, you can also consider other remedies like rinsing your nose, ending dual vaping, using steeped juices, and using a tongue scraper.  



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