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5 Ways to Show University Spirit

College isn’t all about studying. How you feel towards your university is an important part of the college experience. Your university spirit is the sense of pride you feel about the school you currently attended or attended in the past. Your relationship with this organization plays a significant role in who you are and impacts your overall identity. Best of all, you share this connection with the other students and staff that were part of the university.

There are many ways to express your school’s spirit, like colorful posters, themed events, special contests, and more. These are activities you complete with others, but there are also ways to display your feelings. Continue reading below to learn five ways you can show your university spirit.

1. Collegiate Gear

Strong social ties and a considerable sense of belonging can help you better manage stress and overcome any issues you encounter. By embracing your university pride, you can boost your feelings of acceptance, be more resilient, and avoid the harmful effects of challenging situations.

By wearing college gear, you can display your affection for your school and the inclusion you feel in return. With hats, shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants displaying your school logo, you can publicly demonstrate your sentiments and build additional relationships with others that feel the same way.

2. Tumbler

A well-constructed tumbler is an excellent method to keep your beverages cool or warm for quite a while. You can use these in your home, at work, or while you run errands for your household. These can also get used to display your school spirit by adding the emblem for the school or getting these containers with the university colors.

With a tumbler displaying a special meaning, you are more likely to keep track of it and use it. You can improve your water intake by refilling a container, like a 40 oz tumbler with a handle for more accessible transport. You may see a considerable improvement in your health with increased fluids. Plus, you can rest assured you are helping the environment since you skip using plastic bottles that litter nearby rivers and lakes.

3. College Themed Tapestry

Tapestries are a fantastic way to decorate any area within your home or office. They can come in various styles and patterns on them, which means you can purchase one with your school colors, logo, or mascot in the design. By adding them to blank walls, you can display more of your personality to others and boost your mood.

While looking at images you enjoy, you can decrease the cortisol in your system. Also, engaging with any visual presentation will activate the reward pathway in the brain. This path can increase your drive to add positive images and objects to your environment. It will help you to get more enjoyment about the places you spend most of your day.

4. Phone Case

Phone cases help to safeguard your phone during unfortunate circumstances. With this cladding, you can prevent or limit cracks in the screen or broken pieces on the device, or disruptions in the operating system. Phone cases are crucial for the protection of your phone. Along with this cushioning, the case provides for your phone, it also customizes it to match your tastes.

Displaying your collegiate colors and logo on your protective case can remind you of the experiences you enjoyed there and boost your need to care for your phone. You may have fewer instances of losing your property or dropping it on the ground due to your enhanced feelings towards it. Having a university-themed case makes the obligation much more fun.

5. College Themed Bedding

Selecting the most attractive bedding for your bedroom is a crucial part of your life, whether you live on campus or have your own home. Your private bedroom is more than the place you sleep at night. It is also where you get dressed for the day, unwind from the stress of your obligations, or have private moments away from others.

University-themed bedding can add to the comfort you experience in your bedroom. It reminds you of the goals you have set for yourself and your willingness to chase after your dreams.


You may not want to complete all of these activities at one time. Instead, you can start with what allows you to connect with your university spirit the most and add the others over time to get the full benefits.

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