6 Delicious Fall Food Ideas for an Outdoor Party

With fall here, it is the perfect time to plan an outdoor party that your friends and family will love. With an array of ideas available, there is no doubt that yours will also be a hit. As part of the planning, you need to make sure to keep in mind the delicious food that will go along with it, as well as those who will be there to enjoy it all with you.

Know the Amount of Food That Your Outdoor Party Will Need

As you are preparing the food, you should figure that each guest may take at least 2-3 individual pieces of each food item used as appetizers. You can also make dishes last longer by preparing types that will be plentiful no matter how many guests you cater to. Regardless of the type of food you offer, your menu should include these 6 delicious fall food ideas for an outdoor party.

1. Scotch Eggs

Incorporating scotch eggs will provide a delicious alternative to deviled eggs. They can be prepared in less than an hour when the entire family helps out with the preparation. Involve your children in the process of making this delightful meal. Having scotch eggs is a great addition to an outdoor fall party and you will love that many variations of the scotch egg exist. Some of these variations include a falafel style or a Bengali style that is full of spice.

2. BBQ Pulled Eggplant Burgers with Black Beans

A pulled eggplant burger with black beans is another recipe that your family will love coming together to prepare. After cooking, your kids can scoop the meat so that it can appear as pulled pork prior to it being baked. There is a ton of fiber in this dish and a very low amount of fat content. These characteristics make it a healthy dish that any vegan will crave while appearing as pulled pork. Pile up the buns and top with black beans, shredded vegan cheese, and lettuce and you have yourself a dish that all parties will enjoy.

3. The Pumpkin Spice Latte

When you are looking to keep the cool fall evening cooler, then you can incorporate a traditional pumpkin spice latte. With the latte easy to prepare, you can have it made ahead of time and ready to serve. Just combine coffee with half and half, and canned pumpkin and let it seep into a crockpot.

4. BBQ Spare Ribs with Sauce

This delicious dish of BBQ spare ribs can seem straightforward but does require more than one step to complete. With the marinade made with scotch bonnet chili, the ribs will have a nice punch to them. You just need to rub some chili and garlic into them and coat them with the remaining sauce prior to cooking them on your gas countertop griddle.

5. Succulent Sausage Rolls

Having sausage rolls such as these will provide you with a succulent taste in no time. Once the pastry is rolled out and coated with chutney, you add the sausage. Seal the pastry and cut it into sections and have them chilled prior to baking them. If you want, you can have them made ahead of time and frozen so that you can cook them later when you are ready. Ensure that you add a few extra minutes to the cooking time to ensure they cook thoroughly.

These are a great delicious snack for any time of the party and can be enjoyed either cold or hot.

6. Mouth Watering Lamb Skewers with Pickled Dressing Salad

Having skewered lamb will make every bite juicy and delicious and when you top it off with a salad with pickled dressing, you can enjoy an added crunch. Ensure that the lamb is marinated for a few hours before skewering and adding fall vegetables.


When you plan a fall outdoor party, you get to combine delicious the best fall flavors. When you incorporate the dishes above, you will be able to take advantage of the cool weather outside while still enjoying some hot, delicious food.

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