6 Resources to Use for Monthly Prescriptions

Many people are at a loss for what to do about their health when faced with an illness or costly prescriptions. Resources available online can help you find free prescription lists, but it can be difficult to wade through all of them. Monthly prescriptions are a constant concern for patients, especially when they have few available options to choose from. The last thing a patient needs is not to be able to afford the medicine that could save their life.

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance is a website that helps people find free or discounted prescription medicine. This website contains information on drug companies with programs to help customers with their medications. These are often non-government assistance programs that can help reduce the burden of paying for prescription drugs. With The Partnership for Prescription Assistance, anyone can find a list of free or low-cost programs with regard to their condition.

Medication Sharing Programs

Medication-sharing programs connect people with a common goal which is helping patients get the medication they need. These medication-sharing programs do not charge anything for their service and can be useful for people seeking medication. These programs connect patients with multiple other people who are willing to share the cost of their medication. With these programs, you may be required to pay a monthly fee. However, if your medication cost is high, they can significantly lower your overall medication cost. These services are especially helpful in scenarios where certain medication isn’t covered by insurance or is hard to find.

Prescription Drug Study Programs

These study programs are aimed at helping patients get access to new medications quicker by enrolling them in clinical trials for drugs that are on the market but have not yet been approved by the FDA. These programs allow patients to have access to experimental drugs that could potentially be more effective or less harmful compared to other similar medications. Patients are allowed to join these clinical studies for free, but they must meet certain criteria. This can be an important resource for very sick individuals seeking access to potentially life-saving prescription medicine.

Managing Your Health in the Digital Age

Managing Your Health in the Digital Age offers tips and information about how to take care of yourself. They also offer information on how to save money on prescriptions. On their site, you can find information about ways to manage your health through the use of technology. Patients can also plan their day around the right medications, avoid missing deadlines, and manage a social life without worrying about the cost of prescriptions. There are many tools available for managing your health in the digital age including medication reminders and medication tracking apps. These tools are useful for people who forget to take their medications or those who want to ensure they don’t run out of medicine in their hour of need.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies do not often advertise free prescription programs, but they are a helpful resource when medication costs are too high. There are many insurance providers that offer drug discount programs for their customers. These insurance companies have special plans for people with chronic illnesses, for example, and will offer them lower-cost prescription medicine options. Ensure to check in with your insurance company before buying medication to find out if there are any requirements to qualify for a discount.

Prescription Card List

There are websites that offer discount cards for prescription drugs. These cards can be particularly useful for people who do not have prescription insurance. Drug discount cards can come in handy when trying to save money on medications. It is important to know what types of discounts are offered in order to make the best use of each card. The Prescription Card List contains detailed information on discount cards. They also list information on how to find the best prescription discount cards available and how to use them.


It can be difficult to deal with the high cost of monthly prescription drugs. There are many resources available online to help you save money on prescription medications. By making use of these resources it is possible for anyone who needs prescription medication to get the help they require and stay afloat financially.

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