7 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

For organizations these days, it is important to provide excellent customer service and that too all the time. Proper customer service is a critical factor that differentiates one company from another. It becomes easier to deal with customer service issues when you have proper technology backing you up. If you want to have an integrated solution for customer service, Microsoft Dynamics 365 proves to be a proper solution.

Major Benefits with Dynamics 365

Mentioned below are some important benefits of Dynamics 365 BC for customer service.

  1. Proper Monitoring Of the Customers’ Journey

Separate tools and disconnected data can prevent the agents from getting a proper view of the customer’s journey. Hence, it becomes difficult to provide a continuous and personalized experience for the customers across the channels. With Dynamics 365, there is no such issue as it enables the users to easily understand the customers. Hence, users can offer a customized and personalized experience to the ones that matter with this tool. Getting a proper view of the customers’ needs and requests is ultimately a plus point for any organization.

  1. Simplified Case Management Using A United Interface

A great benefit of Customer Service from Dynamics 365 is that it will make things pretty simple for your company’s service team. Hence, it also promotes effectiveness and functionality in the company. There is a Hub for Customer Service in 365 Business Central that will help the team get a unified and proper interface that will be easy to navigate effectively. Not to mention that there are several interactive dashboards provided to ensure that a proper workplace atmosphere is established. For example, agents will be able to review all their caseloads and then will be able to take proper action.

  1. Community Portal That is Easily Manageable

The customer service options with D365 provide amazing self-service features that the customers can use. This, in turn, helps in the reduction of handling times. With a module that focuses on knowledgeable management, users will be able to create and manage proper articles. There are editing options available that can assist content formatting, visual editing, and so much more. You will also be able to properly attach several files in the best way. The updates are pretty easy to handle, and hence articles can be created that is filled with knowledge.

  1. AI Capabilities of Business Central

A major question in people’s minds is Dynamics 365 AI benefits. There are certain AI-related capabilities in the tool that users can utilize to have increased efficiency and functioning. For example, the tool uses AI features for assigning customer inquiries and support requests to different agents based on their experience. Not to mention that AI can also be helpful while assisting the company’s service teams. Hence, it becomes a bit easier to get all the answers to customer queries and doubts in the best way.

  1. Easy Integrations with Several Other Apps of Microsoft

The customer service tool of Dynamics 365 finance has a major benefit due to its amazing integrations with other Microsoft applications. For instance, there are integrations for different products of Microsoft such as Excel, BI, Teams, and Office. Microsoft Teams, for example, is a part of the Enterprise section, which has been embedded right into the desktop of the agent, and it allows them to properly connect and collaborate with different experts and teams. Also, it helps in solving complicated issues as well. Not just that, but by enabling AI suggestions, agents will be able to see suggested contacts and the methods they have used for solving cases similar to theirs.

  1. Easily Solution Extensions

It is possible to properly extend the solution along with certain omnichannel capabilities. This is because businesses require some type of change. The enterprise plan consists of 3 different add-ins: digital messaging, live chat, and voice channel. The voice channel is the latest feature that can assist in expanding the solution to a central digital contact. So, it will be easier to run the tool with a number. There is also a Virtual Agent provided for calling benefits.

  1. Cloud-Based Benefits

The Customer Service feature of Dynamics 365 is a one-stop SaaS solution that is in-built on Cloud. Therefore, it allows the users to get different cloud-related benefits. For example, the solutions can be available anywhere and on any device. So, teams that provide customer service will work from remote locations if necessary. This further increases the team’s capabilities and hence provides cost-effective measures for customer service.


Following are the essential benefits of utilizing Dynamics 365 Business Central for offering better customer services. Without a shred of doubt, this tool is influential in changing customer service in business organizations.

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