7 Key Steps To Finding Your Art Style

7 Key Steps To Finding Your Art Style

Art revolves around the ability to transform your thoughts into a creative masterpiece. With the right skills and frequent practice, you can achieve proficient artwork skills in no time. However, it requires the right amount of dedication and sweat to sail through the initial days. In case you’re a neophyte in the art world, you might need to explore various art forms and styles. After careful analysis and practice of a variety of unique styles, you are likely to find the one that suits your skills. 

Keep reading to know the steps that you might need to take to find a suitable art style without any hassles.

List Down Your Favorite Genres 

A journey involves many failures and stumbling blocks before you reach the destination. If you’re wondering how to find your art style, then search no more. While starting your art journey, you need to explore the different art genres available around. Also, try to ascertain the patterns, styles, colours, and shapes of each style that you come across. Some art resources that prove to be of help in the initial days are art journals, online art websites, art museums, and related ones. You must research and try to replicate the styles as much as you can. That way, you get to know the strong and weak artistic areas based on the skillset and imagination.

Keep Practicing 

There’s no substitute to practice when it comes to mastering an art or skill. After you find out your art style, you must take your brush and start creating the artworks. Whether you wish to paint nature or create some marvellous artworks of the celestial world, make sure to do it often. Also, try to improve the subsequent works based on colour combinations, shapes, and basic strokes. Not only will it make you a better artist, but it also develops your ability to finish the artwork faster. Don’t run away from creating new works and try to make the most of every moment.

Leave Comfort Zones

When it comes to becoming a master at something, you must not stick to the comfort zones. You might step out of your comfort zone and try out the out-of-the-box art genres as well. Also, paint a few landscapes with your non-dominant hand to develop the skill in the long run. The key to success is through constant struggle and adapting to new challenges. Hence, make sure to hone your art skills in every domain. Some options to consider are fast sketching, abstract art, and slow sketching skills. 

Seek Constructive Criticism 

Another effective strategy to find out the ideal art style is through seeking constructive criticism. You must not keep your masterpieces limited to the art shelf in your room. Instead, make sure to ask for opinions from every person that you come across. You might choose the art instructors or enthusiasts for this purpose and look out for the weak areas together. Along with this, family members and friends also give some reliable feedback now and then. After you get the much-needed feedback, it’s time to work on your weaknesses. With constant practice and determination, you are likely to move ahead of those mistakes and create a better artist out of yourself. 

Study Individual Artists 

Art styles are unique for every person based on skills and personal interests. However, you can find the right genre using popular artists’ masterpieces and artworks. All you need to do is find a few of your favourite art pieces that belong to the different artists. Further, identify the most attractive part of each work and replicate the same. It leads to constant practice and helps you develop your art style in no time. However, you must instil a few unique elements in every artwork to enhance your self-confidence and expertise.

Follow Your Passion

There’s always an element of artwork that intrigues the artist and acts as the sole motivation. In case you’re about to start with your art journey, make sure to follow your passion above everything. As a beginner, you are likely to face challenges and hurdles in your path. However, your passion is the only motivation that is likely to keep you going on the path without deviating. Whether you like painting popular natural elements or creating beautiful sculptures, you must dedicate the same to the entire extent. Also, try to reflect a message through each work and make it a mysterious one for a better appeal. 

Embrace Your Flaws 

Another skill that you must work on while learning the desired art style is to embrace your mistakes. In case you end up creating the wrong stroke, you can always mould your sketch in a manner that fits the mistake. Also, try to develop that mistake into something useful rather than discarding the entire effort in vain. Not only will it teach you the right ways to rectify your flaws, but it also adds to your skillset and transforms you as an artist. Every time something in your artwork goes wrong, you get to learn a new technique or uniquely master the style.

Final Verdict

Artists seek to speak out their messages through creative and attractive art pieces. If you’re a budding artist, you must work on the ways to develop the right style. Every artist is the master of a unique genre that speaks of the skills and techniques. Also, it reflects your ability to embrace your mistakes and create something meaningful out of it. Make sure to start by analyzing your favourite genres and works of the artists. Along with this, you can seek constructive criticism and practice the different art styles to find the right one. 



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