‘7’ Reasons Why Your Underarm Sweating So Much All of A Sudden!

Did you discover that you are struggling with an excessive sweating problem?

Well, sweating is a normal and natural process. By removing excess moisture through the pores of the skin, the body gets rid of toxic substances and toxins, as if renewing itself. 

Basically, armpit sweating is one of the most common problems. The medical name of excessive sweating is hyperhidrosis.

Together with sweat, toxins and harmful substances leave the body. It is essential for the thermoregulation of the human body as in hot weather, it cools it and prevents overheating. Always wet clothes and fuel smell are what a person suffering excessive underarm sweating. Sweat stains on clothes, an unpleasant odour can cause complexes and low-self-esteem. 

However, if you suddenly started sweating a lot for no reason, you may need to see a doctor. As an example, Doctors at laser skin clinic in Canberra will recommend the right treatment for your armpit sweating.

Why does it happen and what do you have to do to get rid of this?

To know the answer, let’s have a look at the following guide in detail.

What is The Cause of Armpit Sweating?

Excessive sweating is often associated with the onset of a specific disease. As an example, it may be a malfunction of the endocrine system.

Also, disorders can be associated with certain disorders of the nervous system, blockage of blood vessels and poor lymph drainage. Hyperhidrosis is also caused by taking certain medications, such as aspirin, insulin, analgesics from the morphine and Promedol groups, and antiemetics.

In order to decide what to do if the armpits are sweating a lot, you first need to establish the true cause of increased sweating. The natural physiological reaction of any organism is an intensification of the process of perspiration after an intense sports load or when the temperature regime of the environment changes. The purpose of this process is to normalize the temperature inside the body.

Before starting excessive underarm sweating treatment, one should look for the reasons why the armpits sweat a lot. It will be correct to undergo an examination to identify a latent disease or infection in the body.

Reasons for Excessive Sweating

  • Pregnancy

Usually, the chances of excessive sweating are increased during pregnancy. That is because women can experience hormone changes, increased blood flow, and higher metabolism levels, which can activate the sweat glands to sweat than usual.  It is usually normal.

  • Menopause

Menopause is – when the female body stops having a menstrual cycle. It can further become a reason to sweat a lot, happening during pregnancy.

Hot flashes and night sweats occur in women before and during menopause due to changes in hormone levels, including estrogen and progesterone. Changes in these hormone levels influence the action of other hormones that are effective for controlling the body’s temperature. 

  • Thyroid Issues

People suffering from thyroid problems can usually see changes in their body temperature. When too much thyroid hormone is produced in the body, it causes a condition called hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid, which generally leads to excessive underarm sweating.

Excessive thyroid hormones can lead to hormonal imbalances and overactive thyroid gland, which increases body metabolism and heat production. 

  • Diabetes

People with diabetes problems may experience excess sweating in three ways:

  • In response to low blood sugar
  • In relation to food
  • One solely occurring at night 

In the first case, the blood sugar level has started to fall to unacceptable levels because the nervous system’s trigger for sweating is signalled by low blood sugar levels.

In the second case, excessive sweating occurs in people who may have suffered nerve damage, happens exclusively around food, and is confined to the head and neck.  The night sweats can occur due to hormone problems and tend to be a signal of low blood sugar.

  • Anxiety

When you get anxious, your body gets sweat. The body’s panic response produces excess perspiration if something threatens you. Stress hormones ready the body for immediate action when danger is perceived. Such changes loosen the body’s water through the skin rather than through the kidneys. 

As a defensive reaction to overexertion, the nervous or physical organism produces profuse sweat. The cause can be sought both in external factors and in the highly excitable nervous system. Another reason is an increase in respiration and heart rate to shunt blood to the parts. This elevated respiration and shunting action cause the body’s temperature to increase. 

  • Heredity

This condition can be caused by a genetic predisposition. In families, where the father or mother undergoes from hyperhidrosis, the child often suffers from this problem. The offensive manifestations of risen sweating of the sweat glands will start to appear in children at an early age.  Any home remedies are useless in this case. Treatment of armpit hyperhidrosis should be medication and under the supervision of a specialist.

  • Diseases

Most often, diseases such as obesity and problems with the thyroid gland, hormonal imbalances, and metabolic disturbances lead to increased armpit sweating. These include diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidneys, vegetative dystonia and tuberculosis. But doctors often talk about a hereditary predisposition to increased sweating.


After finding out the cause of excessive underarm sweating, you should consult your doctor on how to sweat less under your armpits, and what medications can be taken in a particular case. To strengthen the nervous system and immunity, it is necessary to drink a course of vitamin complexes. Multivitamins will improve the overall well-being of a person. All the measures taken in the complex will help to quickly cope with the disruption of the sweat glands.


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