Top 7 Romantic Places to be in Sydney

Are you planning a romantic getaway with your partner? Well, Sydney is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Australia. Romantic walks with your partner’s hands in yours, candlelight dinners at the open restaurants, hot air balloon adventure, cruise rides across the city, and the list of romantic date ideas can go on when in Sydney. There is so much to do that it is better to make all your reservations in advance with Southwest airlines en español. Take your better half to the very famous Sydney Opera House or on a helicopter ride above the city and make the best memories of your lifetime.

Don’t miss the top 7 listed places to visit when you take this trip.

Sydney Opera House

One thing that you should never miss even if you are visiting alone or with your spouse is the Opera House of Sydney. Sydney Opera House is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the city and is also listed under UNESCO World Heritage Site. With a beautiful outer architecture shaped like a shell, this building is equally astonishing from inside. The best way to explore every corner of this beautiful building is by joining a guided tour. They also tell you stories about behind-the-scenes and the history of this place. Explore the exhibits room, grab a quick bite at the cafe, or enjoy a movie at the cinema inside the building.

The Rocks

If you are looking for a perfect place to stay on your vacation with the best romantic settings, rent a room at the rocks. This place is so calm and holds a hint of historic architecture. Visiting here will take you and your love back in time when love was about finding calmness, quiet, and peace in each other’s company. This place got its name because of the rocky coastal shoreline around the sparkling sea. There are more than 100 tourist sites around this place. Some of the must-visit places include The Rocks Discovery Museum and Cadman’s cottage. You can also buy gifts from the small gift shops at the weekend market.

The Royal Botanic Garden

Flushed with beautifully bloomed roses, the royal botanical garden in Sydney is yet another place to spend some alone quality time with the love of your life, away from the noisy city life. The royal botanical garden of Sydney is the oldest in the entire country and has been in existence since 1816. This 30 hectares of land is hugged by a blanket of colorful flowers, tall green trees, herbs, and more. If your partner loves natural surroundings and gorgeous gardens, this place is a little heaven on Earth. With many small gardens inside its boundaries, the Palace Rose Garden solely holds over 1,800 roses.

Harbour Cruise

If you are planning a perfect dinner date surprise for your better half, plan one on one of the harbor cruises. These cruise rides around the city are the most romantic idea of dining in Sydney. The view from these cruises is breathtaking. Under the glazing stars, harbor cruises in Sydney make the perfect romantic dinner settings with mesmerizing surroundings. Some of the best rides out of a number of options are Darling harbor and Circular Quay. These cruises are a perfect package of amazing live musical performances, fine wine, a dancing deck, and super delicious food.

Secluded Beaches

For lovers who love spending time by the beaches, Sydney has the best beaches in the country. Far away from the loud hustle and bustle of the town, Sydney beaches offer the best settings to have some deep, hearty conversation with your partner. Soft waves hitting the rocks, white soft sand, and the greenery around the shore makes the place lively and jaw-droppingly gorgeous. The easily accessible beach that can be visited by a train ride is Cronulla. Other beaches worth your visit and time are Dee Why, Narrabeen, or Collaroy. Surfers love these beaches, and locals visit these very often. To spend some very quiet time with less crowd around, head to Bondi Beach or Manly Cove.

Sydney Helicopter Ride

Just the thought of a helicopter ride over this beautiful city with your partner by your side sounds so magical and adventurous at the same time. This wonderful ride will just need 90 minutes out of your jam-packed vacation and will give you an experience of a lifetime. The best time to hop on one of these adventures is when the sun goes down. The city lights up and comes to life at night, and it is the best time to look at it from different angles. If you want to surprise your partner, book the packages before you arrive. This way, you can save a lot of extra waiting time while your ride awaits you. Don’t forget to take snaps of the city and some insta-worthy selfies in the air.

Hunter Valley

Tasting fine wine at a wine tasting garden with your spouse is just a way to add extra spice to your romantic getaway. Hunter Valley is the oldest wine area in Sydney and hence a perfect escape from the adventures you have been experiencing. Along with that, this valley is a complete package of wineries, vineyards, fine dining restaurants, and much more. You can also try your hand at one of the fresh local products of the valley. Join one of those gourmet food and wine tours organized by the locals to get the best out of this place. When you arrive there, some of the best chefs will come to pick you up, and you will have a royal day in this beautiful landscape. The chiefs will do the entire process in front of your eyes, from picking up the right ingredients to plating the best plates for you.

Final Statement

Sydney is a beautiful place for the newlyweds and the old couples trying to keep the romance alive. A visit to Sydney can be accomplished by calling Telefono De Volaris and booking the flight and hotels for your honeymoon.

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