7 Simple Criteria for Examining Professional Web Developers

As in any professional field, certainly technical like web promotion, it is difficult for a person who does not come from the field to measure the quality of the work. It is even more difficult to assess in advance whether the professional will be able to provide good results and if he is really excellent in his field. However, there are some signs that you should pay attention to and will help you, the website and business owners, examine potential website developers and understand whether they are professionals or amateurs.

Here are 7 simple criteria for examining professional web developers. 

#1 experience and recommendations

Of course there is no teacher like experience and in the field of website promotion this is a basic and very important criterion. Because there is no one clear and fixed method for website promotion and developers often rely on past experience, without previous experience it is very difficult to achieve good results in a reasonable time.

Can’t novice developers do a good job promoting your site? Not sure, you may very well have found a developer with great instincts who will do an excellent job. But it is likely that a seasoned professional developer will do a better job. The reason for this is that Google does not reveal to the community of developers all the parameters for website promotion, these are learned by trial and error during years of work. 

Each developer has its own proven and tested methods, developing them takes time. (Beginner developers are advised to “rub around” in the company under the guidance of veteran developers before going to the market independently).

Of course, recommendations will testify to the nature of the person you will be working with, does he keep his promises? Is it pleasant and comfortable to work with him? Is he professional and understands the field? Do not hesitate to ask developers how long they have been in the field, where they have worked and ask for recommendations from past and current clients.

#2 Evidence in the field

What is considered proof in terms of website promotion?

Sites that are under the auspices of the developer and appear in a high position in the Google search results.

High conversion rates (surfers who not only enter the site but also contact the business).

A site that is successfully promoted on more than one platform (not only a good position in Google but also a combination of advertising that yields results).

More than one or two sites (also indicates the level of experience of the developer). 

#3 Comprehensive answer

When we talk about website promotion, usually the tendency is to refer only to organic promotion in the Google search bar. It is true to say that this is the main occupation of most developers, but it is certainly not the only one. A correct combination of several methods for advertising, promotion and attracting customers to the business’s website is more effective than promoting it in the organic search results. 

Therefore, when we choose a professional website developer, we will receive an offer not only for simple promotion, but a comprehensive package customized to the needs of our business, which also includes promotion through Google ads (those that are at the top of all search pages), on social networks, on YouTube, through landing pages, and more. Does every website owner choose to combine several promotion methods? Of course not, this is not only a marketing consideration but also an economic one, but the very ability of the developer to offer more than one service indicates his professionalism. 

#4 Using improper promotion methods

A criterion that is a bit more complex to test but is definitely possible. First we will explain the difference between proven and effective methods and invalid methods. Promoting a website on Google is a process that requires professional knowledge alongside understanding the small nuances of website programming and its maintenance in accordance with Google’s guidelines. 

Deviation from the programming and promotion guidelines and their manipulation may cause Google to “punish” the website and lower its ranking, sometimes to the point where the negative impression created cannot be corrected and the website will remain invalid. What are those invalid methods? 

For example, copying written material from leading and competing websites, adding text Hidden (white on a white background for example), an excessive number of keywords in the texts, use of link farms, etc. A professional website developer will be happy to explain to you exactly what he does and how, what the purpose of each action is and to promise not to use improper methods to promote your website.

#5 Contract and schedule

Most developers, like most service providers, work against a contract. Before you sign a contract with a developer, read it carefully and pay attention to the small details. Is the contract fair for both parties? Does it have a commitment for a certain period of time? Are there exit stations? Are there any fines that you will have to pay for one reason or another? Is the amount stated in the contract the amount you agreed upon in advance? Does the contract include a reasonable and reasonable schedule (we will explain this later)? 

In addition, promotion is done according to specific keywords, meaning that the website owner actually purchases precise and not general promotion, for example: for the phrase “dentist in Kfar Saba” or “breast lift” and not for every possible word and phrase in the fields related to his website. A reliable and honest developer will also clarify in writing in the contract exactly which expressions he will promote and what the addition will be if you want to extend the promotion to additional expressions and will not surprise you with additions and pricing that were not agreed upon in advance. 

#6 Commitment to results

One of the most interesting and eye-opening sections in any contract with a web developer is the commitment. While many people are sure that a developer that guarantees them fast results in the cheapest basil is the professional, the opposite is true. SEO is a complex process that takes time. A website developer who promises you mountains and hills within a month is suspicious of using illegal methods. 

Website owners are sometimes surprised when they are told that promotion can take months to see results. For example, a completely new site that is promoted for a popular search term will not be able to reach a good position in the Google search results until after about six months to a year of professional and intensive promotion. An existing site in a reasonable location that needs better maintenance and a “boost” in promotional efforts can be brought to a better location in about four months to six months. 

Of course, these are very general numbers, and no professional developer will guarantee one hundred percent for any period of time. The reason is that it is not possible to predict with absolute certainty what Google’s next steps will be, certainly not in the long term and experienced developers know this. A professional website developer will give you an estimate based on his experience and expertise while explaining the time period he offers, what he will do during this time and how he will act in favour of your website from A to Z. 

#7 Transparency, availability, services and reporting

Availability and service are criteria that can be tested from the first engagements – does the developer answer you in a reasonable time? Is he available for your questions? Does he answer you with hospitality and patience? Do you enjoy working with him? Sometimes from the very first conversation you will be able to feel whether or not a person is standing in front of you with a sense of service suitable for an experienced professional. 

Also, transparency and reporting are criteria you should pay attention to – does the developer explain to you what will actually be done on your website? Does he report to you changes in promotional efforts? Does he make sure to meet the established deadlines? Does he send detailed and timely progress reports? and the like. 

Is there a difference between the level of professionalism of a freelancer and a large company ?

It is hard to say that a top web design agency has an advantage over freelancers because in the end even in big companies there will be one developer who is responsible for your project – he is the one who will set the tone and decide what will be done, how and when. Also, there is no freelance developer who does all the work on his own and many work in collaboration with designers, writers, marketers and experts in related fields to give their clients the best comprehensive service in one place. 

Bottom line, how do I know I made the right choice ?

In the end, website developers are tested according to the result test – do their efforts bear fruit? Is there an improvement in the site’s position in the search results? In the amount of surfers it reaches? In the number of people contacting the business through the website? If the website developer you have chosen meets all the criteria we mentioned, you have found a reliable, honest, experienced and professional developer who is pleasant to work with and will provide you with excellent results in a reasonable period of time.

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