7 Ways to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy Longer

You owe it to your dog to ensure that you are doing all that you can to help them to live a long and happy life. From proper nutrition to lots of cuddles, there are a number of things that you can do to support your dog’s health and happiness. Here are seven proven ways to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Regular Checkups

Just like humans, regular preventative care is key to a long and healthy life for your pet. An annual wellness exam by a trained veterinarian ensures proper health screening. This screening can help you to detect diseases and illnesses before they become a serious concern. Annual dental appointments are also a good idea to remove tartar buildup and plaque. Developing a good relationship with a trusted veterinary clinic will serve you and your dog well both now and in the future.

Preventative Medicine

One of the reasons why annual trips to the veterinarian are so important is so that you can receive recommendations on the best preventative medications for your dog’s personal health needs. Examples of common preventative medications include treatments for heartworm and tick-borne illnesses. The right treatments can go a long way in helping you to avoid potential heart issues. This also includes making sure that your dog is always up to date on their vaccinations so that they can socialize with other animals.

Make the Switch to Raw Food

There is no substitute for good nutrition for your dog. Feeding your dog the right amount of food will help them to maintain a healthy weight, a key indicator of overall health and wellness. Discover what many other savvy dog owners have learned when you explore the vast benefits of feeding your pet a raw dog food diet. This type of food has been shown to keep weight at ideal levels, boost energy, reduce allergies, improve digestion, and deliver a softer and healthier coat. It is easier than ever for your dog to enjoy this specialized diet when you use a delivery service.

Get Them Moving

Along with proper nutrition, it is also vital that you make it a point to make sure that your dog gets regular exercise. In addition to walks around the neighborhood, consider hikes in the woods, games of fetch, and swimming. A change of scenery is a great way to deliver mental stimulation to your dog. This time together also offers a good time for you to develop crucial bonding with your pet, promoting their happiness at the same time. Your vet will be able to recommend the proper amount of exercise and duration for your particular dog based on their age, health, and energy levels.

Encourage Socialization

Socialization is also an important part of your pet’s overall wellness. There is no doubt that most dogs love spending time with other dogs. Exposing them to new situations and animals from an early age will reduce aggressive behaviors later in life. Socialization with other humans is also recommended. Take your pet to the dog park, to visit family and friends, or to a dedicated dog daycare facility to provide these opportunities.

Show Them Affection

Establishing a strong bond with your dog or cat is good for both of you. Your dog will feel loved and treasured if you shower them with cuddles and belly rubs. Making it a point to show physical affection will boost the emotional bond that you share with your dog. This interaction provides numerous health benefits. Other ways to show affection to your beloved dog include talking to them regularly, taking them out for fun adventures, and offering them rewards.

Good Grooming

While it may seem trivial, good grooming is also key to good health. Making the time and effort to keep your dog’s nails trimmed will keep everyone more comfortable. Grooming is also a good opportunity to check for changes to your dog’s fur. A professional groomer will be able to spot potential issues that may need to be addressed by the vet. A well-groomed pet is also more fun to cuddle, providing benefits all around.


These seven tips provide the cornerstone of good health and happiness for your favorite furry friend.

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