8 Popular Places to Visit in Las Vegas

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? No, well, you must mark the city on your travel bucket list for an everlasting experience. But are you aware of the eight popular places to visit in Las Vegas? If not, don’t worry and stick to the guide for helpful recommendations. 

Las Vegas is among the incredible destinations, the 26th populous city in America, and the country seat of Clark County. Moreover, it is popular as the city in the desert, home to the top-rated tourist attractions, including the Strip. Other than sites, the city is well-known for its dazzling lights, glamour, fine dining, and outdoor activities. Furthermore, tourists can take museum tour, watch live shows, wander around the major landmarks, or shop from the trendy stores. Take a look at the comprehensive travel guide on the eight popular places to visit in Las Vegas

The Strip

It is 2.5 miles long, passing through the city’s central section and running from northeast to southwest. Moreover, the Strip features massive and royal entertainment venues, high-end hotel rooms, fine dining, and several picturesque sites. One of the best things to do here is wander along the Strip and witness the beautiful scenery. However, the place looks phenomenal at night when illuminated with several sparkling neon signs. 

Generally, the Strip runs from the Mandalay Bay Hotel to Treasure Island. If you want to experience Las Vegas, stay here or at the nearby resort. Moreover, when searching for holiday deals, book the United Airlines vacations packages for premium services at a reasonable cost. The United team will provide the best quote to your dream destination and meet travel requirements seamlessly. 

Venetian Hotel and Gondola Rides, Las Vegas

Venetian Hotel and Gondola Rides is another popular landmark of Vegas, lying on the Strip, across from Treasure Island. Moreover, it is among the most charming resorts, featuring many famous places in the region. For instance, an interesting shopping arcade inside the hotel is built to resemble Venice city. In addition, the hotel is home to beautiful sights in Venice, including the Ratio Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs. 

Taking the Gondola Rides tour is the best way to explore the complex, sitting in front of the Venetian Hotel. Moreover, nearby sidewalks and boats are awaiting the passengers for a ride by the personal gondolier. Furthermore, you can go inside the shopping arcade inside the hotel to spend the rest of the day.

Bellagio Resort and Fountain Show

The Bellagio Resort lies in Las Vegas, a grand and massive hotel complex featuring several tourist attractions. It includes the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, a spa and salon, and popular restaurants. Moreover, there is a showroom beyond the lobby with changing themes, ranging from spring botanical displays to incredible art shows. 

In addition, you will see the dancing fountains performing the display of water along the Strip. Furthermore, watch the ringside views from the sidewalk, and this is probably the best thing you can do for free.

Mirage Hotel: Erupting Volcano and Siegfried and Roy’s Garden, Las Vegas

It is not complicated to locate the Mirage Hotel as you reach the site while walking down the Strip. You will see a resort erupting at regular intervals ahead of the classic resort. While at night, watch the sparkling hot fire and eruptions popping from the volcano and take sightseeing tours nearby. 

The Dolphin Habitat features myriads of trained dolphins in the 2.5million gallon pools; spot white lions and tigers here. In addition, there is Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat inside the Mirage to see various jungle creatures. Plan a reasonable trip by using the United Airlines Vacations promo code, if any, while making the payment. 

Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas

Fremont Street is a pedestrian region that lies in old downtown Las Vegas, home to Vegas’s major landmarks. Moreover, there is a five-section of the street, covering over along with a canopy of LED lights sparkling in the sky. The site is also known as the Fremont Street Experience, and each night it hosts music and virtual events overhead. 

In addition, visitors see street performers and entertaining acts in the street, lying a few kilometers from the Strip. It is best to take a taxi to commute to Fremont Street. Besides, you can also take a Strip helicopter night flight to witness Las Vegas beauty at night from the top. 

Paris Hotel and the Eiffel Tower

Paris Hotel and the Eiffel Tower sit on the Strip, making it the most iconic tourist attraction in Las Vegas. Moreover, the remarkable resorts in the city were built as a recreation of the Paris Opera House. The building features 46 stories above the streets and an observation deck, offering jaw-dropping scenery from 360 degrees. 

Additionally, a romantic Eiffel Tower Restaurant offers beautiful scenery over the Strip and across the Bellagio’s dancing fountains. Furthermore, there lies a mock hot air balloon along with neon and glittering lights in the tower. Besides United, Southwest Airlines vacation packages also give access to special offers on flights, hotels, and car rentals. 

Caesar’s Palace and The Colosseum

Caesar’s Palace and the Colosseum are probably well-known landmarks in Las Vegas which continue to evolve. Today, it is among the giant complex in the middle of the Strip, featuring the best entertainment options. Also, the hotel has a huge concert venue called The Colosseum, and legendary artists perform here. It includes Celine Dion and Elton John, and they serve for extended periods. Therefore, book the admission tickets in advance so that you can get the seats and entry before it’s overbooked. 

The Mob Museum, Las Vegas

The Mob Museum is among the eight popular places to visit in Las Vegas. Moreover, its other name is the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement. The site sits in a 1933 Neoclassical building, formally the US Post Office and Courthouse, having its fascinating history. The Museum also says about the history of Mob in the United States through interactive displays and videos. Moreover, it was one of the sites in Vegas which was popular for Kefauver Committee hearings in 1950. The museum also revealed some horrible truths about the crime that happened in the city and across the U.S. 

So, what are you thinking about? Book Southwest Airlines vacation packages to Las Vegas and explore its top attractions under an estimated travel budget. 

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