9 Ways A Toll free Number Can Help Your Business Grow

What are toll free numbers?

Toll free numbers work just like any other type of telephone number. The only difference is that toll free numbers allow your customers to reach you without being charged for the call (the business takes on the cost). Toll free numbers can either start from 1800 or else it can be a mobile number as well. Your business can use toll free numbers as part of or in addition to an existing local phone network, allowing you to increase your outreach and improve customer experience. 

Below are 9 ways a toll free number can help your business grow.

Toll free numbers help businesses to appear more established

Customers are more likely to take you seriously when they can reach you by phone. A toll free number that directs customers to a real person, not a recording, gives the impression that your business is professional and established.

When customers see that they can call you at any time of day, they’re more likely to trust your business. For small businesses or local startups competing with larger brands, this is especially important. You may be an independent contractor operating from home, but if your customers don’t know it—it doesn’t matter.

Toll free numbers can increase sales

With a toll free number, customers can call your business without paying for the call. This makes it easier for them to contact you for more information about your products, or even to place orders and make purchases. The increased access that comes with a toll free number can lead to more sales for your business.

Toll free numbers help businesses to be more accessible

A toll free number also benefits your business as your customers can reach you for free at any  time. People are more likely to call you first and ask questions about your products or services rather than conduct lengthy searches online. As a result, you will have a better chance of selling them the product or service on their first call.

Toll free numbers can enhance customer loyalty and retention

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of a business. While you may provide the best products and services, if customers are unable to reach you when they need help or have complaints, they will find another company that can provide them with the support and assistance they need.

Using toll free numbers in customer service operations has become common for businesses for this reason. Customers are much more likely to call a toll free number than pay for long-distance charges, so by offering a number that has no charge, you can increase customer satisfaction. A toll free number enhances customer loyalty and leads to a higher rate of word-of-mouth advertising, which results in more sales.

Toll free numbers are portable

A toll free number is portable, meaning that you can change carriers without your customers having to dial a new number. You can connect with SparkTG (link to website) if you need more information. 

Toll free number boost employee’s productivity

  • toll free numbers let employees work remotely. Because toll free numbers allow for easy call routing, you can let your team work from home without hampering the customer experience. 
  • A toll free number makes it easy to manage call routing. You can have a toll free number route calls to different locations depending on the time of day, day of the week, or who is available to answer it. This lets you provide around-the-clock service without sacrificing employee happiness or productivity.
  • toll free numbers make performance monitoring simple and transparent for everyone, which helps everyone do better work for internal customers (your employees) and external customers (your clients). In the interconnected world of business today, delivering great service requires that both groups are satisfied with your company’s performance and capacity—and a toll free number is an important element in this scenario because it easily connects remote employees with one another as well as with your clients so that they can all collaborate effectively.

Toll free number  ensure better customer retention

The first step to improving customer retention is critiquing your existing customer communication methods and seeing where you can improve. Here are few steps to take:

  • Undertake and listen to customer surveys. Surveys help you understand how your customers perceive and value your brand, and they give you a chance to correct any misunderstandings or address any points of confusion. Assess the types of questions asked in the survey, how many people took it, how long it took them to finish it, what time of day respondents were more likely to complete it, and so on. If you find that your responses aren’t as robust as you’d like them to be, consider offering incentives for completing surveys (like a small giveaway).
  • Understand when the best time is for reaching out. When does each customer segment tend to receive communications from your business? What times are best for sending marketing emails and making sales calls? For most companies, mornings are best for emailing marketing content because it gets buried by afternoon messages otherwise—but if this hasn’t produced enough results for yours yet, try experimenting with afternoons instead! If all else fails.

Helps business scale

toll free numbers are beneficial to businesses of all sizes, from the smallest mom-and-pop shops to multinational corporations. SparkTG is the best toll free numbers service provider in India. You can call us at 1800-123-454647 to talk to an expert and get more information in detail. Or try out our mobile app and see how easy it is to manage your calls with toll free phone service!

Call audit & insights for monitoring & improvements

Monitoring and recording your calls can help you audit the calls on your service line, which will help you to identify any difficulties your support team may be facing. This is also helpful for monitoring customer behavior during interactions with your company. You can even use it to improve customer support by identifying weak points in the process and addressing them. Knowing how long customers spend on hold, why they are calling, what the results of those calls are, etc., can help you pinpoint areas for improvement or opportunities for growth.

With this type of information at hand, you’ll have a better idea about what changes need to occur within an organization before implementing new solutions to solve problems with existing processes/services.


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