How to Choose the Perfect Shoes – Women Fashion Trend

Perfect hair and a perfect pair can make any woman create magic! Walking with confidence feels incomplete without the perfect pair of shoes

This post brings you a compilation of how to choose the perfect shoes and how to style them effortlessly!           

Tips for choosing the ideal shoes!

Before we get into the fun part, choosing the perfect not only means the ones that look good on you. The right choice is always the ones that you feel comfortable in!  If you are looking for the right shoes, you can get yours from the trendiest online women’s clothing stores.

  • Shoe shopping can be troublesome! Trying on every pair takes a lot a time! However, you can spare the trouble! How? Just carry a tracing of your feet. If your footwear seems to be shorter or thinner than your tracing, don’t bother trying it on!      
  • If you want to shop the perfect size, it’s better to buy women’s shoes during the afternoon, as your feet tend to increase during the daytime.         
  • While shopping for shoes online, make sure to measure your feet every time! Why? Well, here’s a fun fact! Feet tend to grow as you age. 
  • While shopping at online women’s clothing stores, make sure to always refer to a size chart. Even more so, if you are unfamiliar with the brand. Shoe sizes differ from brand to brand.       
  • While shopping online, you have the liberty to return your shoes easily without any hassle. So, after you receive your pair, make sure to give them a test-walk. Make sure you are comfortable in your shoes. To have a perfect insight, move casually for 5 mins and move your body a bit to check whether you feel comfy or not. 
  • This is the most important step! Always make sure to quality check your items. Investing a good amount on your shoes only to find that the quality was not what you wished for can be disappointing and time-consuming too! 

What to wear? When to wear? How to wear?

This is something that every girl can’t help but wonder: the three questions! What should I wear with this outfit? When should I wear these shoes? How should I wear these shoes? Rest easy ladies! Your answers will be solved today! We have summed up every possible footwear trends that will help you sort your wardrobe for this year! 

The Fashionista Heels

Heels are a must-have for every wardrobe! What’s not to like about them? If styled correctly, this can be your next power outfit statement! 

Coming to the queen herself, stilettos or other variants of stilettos rule whenever we talk about heels. Pairing your outfit with stiletto heels can never do you wrong! 

However, if you think stilettos are a bit much, you should definitely go for the block heels. They have a wider heel and provides you with good balance. Block heels can make any outfit chic.

If you’re wondering where to wear this footwear, just pair it with a dress and match the color with your purse. You can also pair this with a statement blouse and a mini skirt and some silver jewelry and smokey makeup. If you are meeting the girls for a quiet brunch, just pair it with a  maxi dress or a simple monochrome shirt and skinny jeans, and a messy bun to complete the look.  

Sometimes, any sort of heels can feel a bit too much! If you want comfort, yet the chic look of wearing heels, kitten heels are the perfect choice for you! They are cute, comforting and gives you a subtle look. Pair this with ankle-length flare dresses and minimal jewelry and a neutral makeup look. 

The sporty but classy look

A wardrobe is never really complete without some sneakers, Sneakers are a gift from God! Don’t you agree? They are comfortable, easy to walk, and also contributes to some stellar fashion looks. 

If you want to have a sporty glam girl look, you can pair this with some leggings, jeggings and a hoodie, or even a sporty crop top. Add some stud earrings and a mini backpack to complete the look.


Booties are literally everything that you can wish for! From chic city-girl to a glam cowgirl, this pair of footwear is the right kind of magic for you! 

You can wear this with a maxi dress with some BoHo jewelry and minimal makeup and some cool shades for a casual city look. However, if you want the perfect outfit for the day at the ranch, just pair your women’s booties with some ripped blue jeans and top it with a shirt or a blouse with some light makeup. You can also go for a smokey look if you want some drama in your outfit! Don’t forget to complement this look with a perfect cowgirl hat!


How can we let this go so easily? Comfort is never out of trend! Sandals always make us feel like floating in the air, don’t they ladies?

Sandals are perfect for every occasion. Be it a brunch, lunch, or a day at the beach, this checks every box on our list! 

Style your classy women’s sandals with a sleeveless maxi dress, a handbag, and hoop earrings. You can also choose denim shorts, jeans, blouses, and tops to complete the look. 

Moreover, if you are planning for a serene and spiritual weekend getaway, get a pair of your yoga sandals from the best online women’s clothing store.


Before you start looking for your next pair of shoes, always remember that following trends isn’t always a necessity. Walk with confidence and any footwear is enough to rock your outfit! Just be comfortable!

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