7 Highly Creative Kitchen Accessories Decluttering Ideas

Kitchens accommodate a lot of different items in them. If any of them are not placed in an organized manner. Thus, they cause a cluttered mess out of them. And they will make your kitchen look like a whole mess. But the mess doesn’t mean that you have to stay like it. So, you just need to list down some highly nifty kitchen organization ideas. 

As you know, the countertop is like a key element of every kitchen. Thus, it must be looking organized, sleek, and minimal. You must prefer granite countertops as they are easy to maintain and durable too. So, tackle the problem holes and start organizing. Here are 7 incredibly creative ideas to enhance the kitchen organization.

List Of Ideas:

  • Attractive Looking Storage Jars
  • Store The Kitchen Towels Into Drawers
  • Label The Pantry Items
  • Install A Basket To Store Detergents
  • Organize The Plastic Bags
  • Transform An Open Wall Into Nifty Storage Space
  • Use Mini Trays To Organize The Messy Countertop
  • Conclusion

Attractive Looking Storage Jars:

Storage jars are like a must in your kitchen. They are used to store all of your dry items in them. So, they can be safe and easy to access too. Make sure to buy storage jars of attractive prospects. Like, pick storage containers that are both attractive and durable. Moreover, infuse a design that will function both as storage and decor. And there will be no additional need for either decor item. 


Always prefer to buy see-through jars for storing dry ingredients. Such as sugar, coffee, salts, and spices, etc. As in working hours, you can open every jar. So, this can frustrate the person and also create a mess too.

Store The Kitchen Towels Into Drawers:

Kitchen towels are also another vital element of the kitchen. So, you must horizontally place them. They will remain in an even order too. Moreover, this will also save you from the frustration of dinging them out from a vertical manner. 

You can also use a divider to organize pot holders, table covers, teapot covers, and other kitchen linens. Moreover, make sure to use small and shallow drawers to hold kitchen linens. As in big drawers, there can be ample wastage of storage.

Label The Pantry Items:

So, simply use a bold pantry label gadget to create labels for all your pantry items. This is a highly organizational tip to make your pantry look mess-free. Make sure to correctly label the pantry jars.


 Moreover, you must also keep it clean, organized, and consistent. Label every item to create an organized and uniform look. Keep everything in its fixed place to avoid mess.

Install A Basket To Store Detergents:

You can add on some additional baskets under the sink storage. This can easily go from under control to chaotic. Thus, keeping things in good order. Add a basket inside the cabinet door using hanging strips. 

So, make sure to store items such as dishwashing tabs, sponges, brushes, cleaning liquids, and other daily-use items. This way your items are well organized and also on a safe end.

Organize The Plastic Bags:

The highly organized and functional kitchens are the ones where there is a fixed place for every item in the kitchen. So, create a separate spot to store all the extra plastic bags in it. You can DIY a storage container for storing plastic bags. 

Transform An Open Wall Into Nifty Storage Space:

You must use every space of the kitchen in a nifty way. So, if you are fond of cooking. You must pull all your utensils. Then do a DIY vertical wall storage hack. Moreover, if this doesn’t look attractive. You can simply change the containers to better complement your style.

Use Mini Trays To Organize The Messy Countertop:

Most people keep their countertops bare and empty. You can use them for organizing the kitchen. Thus, the key to using countertops and maintaining their shine. Then you can use trays and stands to organize different groupings.

So, in this kitchen, all your coffee items are in one place and fruits and veggies in other trays or dry ingredients jars in another tray. This gives a very compact and organized look overall.


In conclusion, after reading this article you’ve got enough ideas. That is how to organize your small kitchen cleverly. So, kitchen organization is so vital. This will increase both the functionality and organization of the kitchen. And your kitchen will look both very neat and clutter-free too. 

Like, organizing your countertop, storage jars, labeling your pantry items, organizing all your kitchen lines, and detergents in a well-organized manner. Moreover, the organization of the kitchen countertop is quite crucial to make it look sturdy and neat.


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