9 Unique & Easy Ways to Use Ribbon To Decorate Your Home

Decoration with ribbons has always been an amazing way to transform your house look beautiful. Not only it is cheap as compared to other home decor ways but also it adds significant beauty to your home. If you are thinking to save some money on your home decor this year, you can opt for fabulous decorating ideas using colorful, stylish, and bright ribbons. You can use ribbons for different craft ideas of home decoration including table setting, tree ornaments, candle wraps, wreath, and lots more.

It’s easy to find just about any type of decorative item at your local retailer, but it is so much more fun to craft your own and decorate your house. People of any age can craft decorative items using ribbons; even you can sell them too and can earn money. Christmas is coming in the next few months; all of us should start preparing for the upcoming festivals from now on.

Here we are sharing simple handicraft ideas made with colorful ribbons; you can try them on your own and decorate your home with ribbon crafted decorative items for the upcoming festival.

 Simple handicraft ideas made with colorful ribbons;

1. Wreath

DIY Christmas wreath is very simple and easy to make. You can make a colorful wreath using red or yellow deco mesh ribbon. There are many wreath ideas that you can learn from online videos and can try at your home. Hang the ribbon wreath you entrance door and welcome your guests.

2. Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas tree decoration with colorful cascading ribbons is most easy you can do on Christmas. You can use ribbon garland to decorate tree by tying it to the top and tucking it into the tree and put on some golden led lights. Either you can simple single color ribbon to drape it from top and give a different look or can tie it to the tree. Instead of buying Christmas tree you can make your own at your home with ribbons and other stuff. There are many creative ways to make artificial Christmas trees; you can search for the tutorial online.

3. Flower

One of the most beautiful but stunning craft you can create using bright colored ribbons is flowers. It can be used to add a beautiful touch to your decoration ideas. Even it can be used to embellish all kinds of things such as Christmas trees, gift box, and many more. You can make ribbon

 flowers using colorful ribbons and some stuff like thread, buttons, glue, etc. at no extra cost to you.

4. Table Decoration

We want you to relive and rejoice this Christmas holiday with beautiful Christmas table decorations of your own. When it comes to decorating the Christmas table, we usually cover it with tablecloths and place some kind of centerpieces or candleholders on the table. But trust me you can even do better. You can use tulle or deco mesh ribbon to decorate your table or seating area and that will not be more difficult, expensive, or time consuming.

5. Tree Ornaments

You can make many tree ornaments using ribbons and can decorate the Christmas tree with these ribbons ornaments. Tree ornaments like ribbon garlands, ribbon balls, dangling star ornaments, etc. can be used to decorate your trees.

6. Wall Hanging

Even you can try some wall hanging crafts with ribbons. Wall hanging craft ideas take no time in creation. Take some colorful and different style ribbons and cut them into different sizes and hang them with a long string or log.

7. Gift Wrapping

Generally, ribbon is most commonly used in gift wrapping. Yes, you too can do something similar. You can buy bows made of ribbons, or can make bows with ribbon by yourself and use them to decorate a gift box. Or simply wrap the gift box with different style ribbons.

8. Lampshade

Do you have any old lampshades? You can transform old lampshade into a new look using sequin or satin ribbons. Ribbon Lampshade DIY is a very creative and stunning thing that you can try at home without any cost.

9. Chair Decorations

Using tulle or satin ribbon, you can decorate your chair and impress your guests. Tie the ribbons at the back of side the chair or make a bow with ribbons and put it on the back side of it. You can decorate the back of the chairs with long strands of ribbons in pretty color.

You can easily find ribbons at any retailer shops or online in different styles & colors. Make sure to ascertain your requirements and then pick the right amount, all within your budget.

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