Fiber Optic Installation

A Brief Guide About Fiber Optic Installation Process

Fiber optic is one of the most important units of cabling infrastructures. This is the main connector of the local area networks and ensures a smooth communication passage for several receivers in the area. The well-developed countries like the United Arab Emirates use fiber optics in their cabling structures, which makes their communication system more fluent.

However, the whole system does not fall into its space on its own to provide the best quality service. It requires proper measures and procedures in the installation process. An ordinary person may be able to connect the fibers and start the flow, but it would not last for a long time. Professional skill is essential in this regard.

This article will provide a brief guideline about the fiber optic installation process, so you do not face any difficulty later on.

Top 5 Practices to Ensure Efficient Fiber Optic Installation

The process of fiber optic installation is one of the most crucial aspects most of the individuals and businesses have to deal with while moving their spaces. They must ensure a smooth set up and connection for all their devices, systems, and other gadgets. The offices specifically cannot operate without proper fiber optic installations. So, learning the procedure is a basic step towards making it successful.

The following are the top practices to ensure the efficient fiber optic installation process.

1.      Check Port Mapping

The first practice that you need to follow to ensure the efficient installation of fiber optic is checking the port mapping. It means you need to check your data center to acquire the layout design.

It will provide you all the necessary information about the cabinet placements, hardware patch panels, trunk locations, and power access points. Without this crucial information, you cannot create the port map, and without skills, you cannot create a functional connection. Therefore, most of the businesses acquire the help of fiber optic UAE based companies to get their network installations by the professionals without any error.

2.      Follow Labelling Scheme

The second practice in the process of efficient fiber optic installation process is following the labeling scheme. This is often specified according to the standard settings. However, you can still label the patch cords and jumpers according to cabinet number, port location, and rack unit.

The labeling scheme will boost the consistency and format of the network to provide better quality service. In addition to it, it will also help you not connect the wrong cable at the wrong end and disturb the whole connection.

3.      Manage Breakout and Stagger Lengths

One of the most important practices in the process of fiber optic installation is managing the breakouts and stagger lengths. This is the practice that creates uniformity and proper organization of the fiber optic and network cables.

Breakout lengths include the length of the cable from the point where it gets singles from other wires to the network connector. The breakout lengths should be staggered and plugged into specific patch panels and ports to provide better connectivity.

4.      Color Code Cables

Color coding is another crucial part of the fiber optic installation process. Suppose you are preparing the data center of an educational institute that requires more than a thousand systems, as well as multiple power and network connections to it.

You will indeed develop the cabling network at a large place and provide support to all the systems from there. You will have to manage multiple fiber optics and their connection, which can cause ambiguity to any person. Color coding networks will make the installation, cable management, and maintenance process much easier.

5.      Perform Post Installation Testing

Once you have installed all the fiber optics, do not consider it the end of your responsibility. The last practice that is crucial in the fiber optic network installation is performing the post-installation testing. Without testing, you cannot guarantee smooth network communication.

You can check the cable characteristics, patch cords, cross-connected wires, hardware, number of connections, and continuity or shorts to complete the testing process. If you are not quite confident about handling the cable efficiently, you should rely on professional support. You can hire the service of fiber optic UAE based companies to ensure proper network installation, which saves you from the hefty cost of maintenance due to poor installation.

Pay attention to fiber optic installation to control your loss!

Fiber optic installation is quite a costly process. Acquiring high quality cables that meet the standard requirements has its own cost. You are stacking your time, money, and effort while relying on your amateur skills for network installation.

You can damage the cables during the process or would have to pay hefty fees for constant maintenance. Instead of wasting your resources in such a way, you can ensure their better investment by trusting the skills and expertise of professionals. So, do not hesitate to acquire their services and make your fiber optic installation process error-free.

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