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The demo tape is today an essential tool for communicating and promoting it to professionals. Overheating and turning off issues my laptop (who told me to switch to mac?), I was able to find some information on the demo tape and especially it was so easy to know about services and quality with the help of the demo tape, it goes the same with the actors too!

The Internet has become the preferred tool for sharing information; a link to your demo tape is a considerable asset to each of your emails. I even saw an advertisement recently in which it was specified that only applications with demo tape would be considered apparently,  Actor Demo Real Services are important to advertise to you.

Your Demo Tape must sell you as an Actor!

Your demo tape is a tool at your service. It should represent you, show your qualities as an actor, and the way in which you could be employed. And Elon Production, a Demo reel production company prepares your demo tape, short and efficient.

Your demo tape should be no longer than 2-3 minutes. We choose a few but the best of your pictures. It is better to make a short, interesting demo tape than an extendable demo tape where three quarters are full.

  • Depending on your target, you can adapt the duration of your demo tape:
  • Casting directors want to see if you can interpret the role in which they imagine you, they make their opinion in a maximum of one minute.
  • Agents want to be sure of your playing skills to determine whether or not they can invest in you, in 2-3 minutes it’s done.
  • The producers and directors have probably already seen some of your work and want to see more, in this case, we can extend it to 5 minutes. This mainly concerns actors who are already well integrated and who have a lot of good-quality images.

Also, we avoid mixing advertising and drama with fiction. we can optionally make a specific demo tape depending on the target you are aiming for. We use recordings of shows, and quality is the priority.

Showing you in your Job

Using the scene clips that correspond to your job, that is to say, the roles that you could play naturally. Cinema is a question of credibility. Depending on your type and personality, you are naturally meant for a certain type of role. Realize this and use it to your advantage. In the cinema, you have to have the face of the job, especially at the beginning of your career. You sell yourself for roles that you can fit. Our professionals at Elon Production, actor demo reel service, NYC know how to show your first in the roles they would easily imagine you for. 

Showing your Palette

That said, your demo tape should also showcase different sides of your playing and show off your palette. Once professionals are reassured of your natural qualities in your job, give them the opportunity to see more and imagine yourself in other roles. Likewise, if you have particular skills (horse riding, martial arts, stunts, musical instruments, singing, etc.) that we use these skills in images and put them forward.

Show yourself and Especially you

Center your demo tape on you.  The story of the scene you are in is not interesting for your demo tape, what the professionals are interested in is your game. We Eliminate too long shots on your part and all the images where you can hardly be seen.

It is best if your demo tape opens and ends with a shot of you so that it imprints your image in the mind of the person watching you. We as actor demo reel service, NYC does not forget to insert your name and your contact details of course, possibly with a pro photo taken from your portfolio.

We Prefer close-ups and strong dramatic moments. By putting the best quality scenes at the start of your demo tape, as well as the scenes where you play with someone famous. If for example you gave the reply to Vincent Cassel or Audrey Tautou, put it forward. 

Focus on Quality and Simplicity

The quality of the image and the sound is also an important criterion for the choice of your scenes. In general, avoiding scenes that are too dark, those where you cannot be seen, and those where you cannot be heard. Taking the excerpts where you can be seen clearly, and where you can be heard perfectly!

The assembly must be simple and dynamic. It’s not about showing beautiful sequences and great effects between scenes. You want all the attention to be on you. Therefore we prefer a simple assembly with direct cuts. Embed the movie title and director in every scene.

Avoiding music and picture links or photomontages. We just not make a music video of your costumes! We just flaunt it through videos.

Use the Services of our professionals at Elon Productions, an actor demo reel service, NYC. Be assure, we know about your requirement and know how to market and sell you. Contact now at

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