Angular vs. React : Which Framework is Best For Web Development?

The Angular vs. React comparison has become an enormous task for developers. Every JavaScript framework has its capability. Some frameworks are better for large applications, some are better for small, and some are good for both applications. Choosing the best JavaScript frameworks will provide the right direction to a JavaScript development company to create eye-catching web applications. 

Nowadays, JavaScript is becoming more and more widely used. Hence, web developers use the best JavaScript framework for creating their web applications. When they think of web development, two popular front-end technologies come to their mind: AngularJS and ReactJS.

Know the comparison of Angular vs. React 

  • Principles of Interaction with DOM treemap

DOM is the document object model that is utilized for executing dynamic changes. It is used for enhancing the speed of JS frameworks.


AngularJS is the front-end JavaScript framework that functions with real DOM. It utilizes directives to bind app data to the attributes of the HTML element. Below some directives are mentioned:

  • .ng-disabled Directive: It binds AngularJS application data to the disabled attribute of HTML elements.
  • .ng-show Directive: It displays the HTML element.

More directives are available apart from the above. It executes any work indirectly through abstractions, TemplateRef, and viewContainerRef.


The process of reactJS uses the lightweight copy of real DOM; therefore, the execution of reactJS is dependent on virtual DOM. To check the redrawn nodes, the React-based application compares the two DOM treemaps: the first is a real DOM tree, and the second is a virtual DOM tree. 

After that, it functions the operation only on those nodes which need any changes. Thus, improving the performance of the software. But in complicated apps such as animation and complex synchronization, react.js may fail. 

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  • Performance

To load the website faster, performance is the primary concern. Moreover, developers implement a performance review process in most workplaces. JavaScript frameworks enable JavaScript web development services to enhance the performance of your website accordingly.


AngularJS depends on a two-way data binding process, making a visitor for every binding to change any track in the DOM. If there are many visitors, it can get slow as the developer makes any transformation, then the visitor needs to change it again. 

The digest loop compares the new value against the initial value when any view is updated. Following that, the watcher calculates the actual value. Therefore, your application will perform better since the watcher tracks any changes in the view model, so you no longer have to go back to the previous application.


As we know, ReactJS uses the concept of virtual DOM. Once a developer loads an HTML document, ReactJS makes a lightweight DOM tree from JavaScript objects and saves it on the server. When the user enters new data in the browser field, a new virtual DOM immediately appears, and the user can compare it with the new DOM. The dissimilarities found in these two models rebuild the virtual DOM again. These days, with new HTML, it is possible to do each work on the server, reducing the load time and improving performance. Thus, this approach is better between React vs. Angular.

  • Adaptability to work with a team

The development process is a huge task, and we should perform it with a team. Let’s look at which is the best JavaScript framework for working in a team.


This framework was designed according to developer convenience. It uses the MVW architecture, separating the application logic from the given representation to the user interface. It provides a modular solution that can operate simultaneously. Therefore, this framework is beneficial for productive team interaction.

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Model-View-Controller, Model-View-View-View-Model, and Model-View-Whatever structures do not exist in this library. Therefore, multiple developers cannot work on the same code simultaneously because the logic and representation are not separated. And, a lot of time is involved in developing any application. As a result, most developers dislike the complicated development process.


Both of the frameworks mentioned above excel at something. If you plan on creating large projects, Angular is the right choice for you. For those who don’t want to be bound by a framework, React is a perfect choice. You can then select whatever framework you like depending on your project needs. You can hire a JavaScript developer with the requisite expertise and experience for further assistance. It will build a competitive web app or website using the most suitable JavaScript framework for your business. 

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