App Review: Smart Phone Cleaner – Speed Booster & Optimizer

It’s quite common that the performance of your Android phone has degraded with the time. It has now started crashing frequently, lagging while opening apps or using them, battery is draining rapidly and getting low space warning now and then. After facing all these problems you might also have thought about getting a new Smartphone. But, what if the new phone also starts lagging after some days and you start facing all the problems back that you were experiencing with the older phone.

So is there a solution for this problem or this vicious cycle goes on without a solution. Indeed there is a solution, an app named as Smart Phone Cleaner that can not only optimize your smartphone but also boosts its performance. Let’s discuss its features and the functionality in detail.

Smart Phone Cleaner Review

This article covers in depth review for one of the best Android optimizing apps, Smart Phone Cleaner that effectively boosts the performance of your Android phone with few taps. With an average rating of 4.4 and 60K + reviews this app is undoubtedly one of the best cleaning and optimizing apps available at Google Play Store.

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Salient Features of Smart Phone Cleaner App

Let’s discuss some of the key features of the Smart Phone Cleaner app that makes it a top choice among millions of Android users.

One-Tap Booster

First screen

We all know that lots of apps keep on running in the background and foreground that keep on consuming the RAM of your Android device. This in turn slows down the performance of your device. But thanks to one-tap booster of Smart Phone Cleaner that easily optimize the RAM with a single tap. Open the app, and tap on the “TAP TO BOOST’ option on the main screen of the app to automatically release cache out of your Android device and optimize the performance.

Junk File Cleaner

Junk files

If you regularly use your Android phone then surely it is stuffed with numerous junk files that includes internal and external app cache, temp files, outdated folder etc. Now if you try to find and clean these files manually then it is an uphill task and it will take a lot of hours to completely remove them. However, with Smart Phone Cleaner it is just a matter of a few minutes and clicks and all the junk from your device will be removed. This not only will free up a lot of space on your device but also improve its performance.

Battery Saver


Draining the battery is another problem that is faced by several Android users. But, thanks to the battery saver module of Smart Phone Cleaner that automatically first analyzes the battery usage and then manages the processes and apps that are causing battery drainage. So whenever you are running out of battery and can’t find a nearby power source then just use the Battery Saver module to extend the battery life. Apart from effectively managing the battery it also shows the temperature, voltage and battery percentage.

Game Speed Up

Game Booster

This module of Smart Phone Cleaner is dedicated to all our hard core gamers that want an unmatched performance on their phone while playing their favorite games. The Game Speed Up feature is designed to effectively free up RAM on your device that in turn provides a significant speed boost needed while playing a game. Apart from this it also closes processes that are running in the background and enhance the overall gaming experience.

Hibernate Apps

This module helps you to hibernate the apps causing the battery to drain. Using this module you can hibernate the system apps as well as the apps that you have installed, resulting in putting the device to a low power state.

Delete Duplicate Files

Are duplicate files unnecessarily consuming a lot of space of your device? Then Smart Phone Cleaner helps you out there as well with its duplicate files cleaning module. This module helps you to scan and delete any type of duplicate files based on their file name, content and file type with just a single click. And once you recover a lot of space you will be able to store more of your favorite content.



Apart from optimizing the performance and cleaning the junk from your Android device, Smart Phone Cleaner also provides a protection to your device against infections and other malware attacks.

Apart from these above features, Smart Phone Cleaner also provides some other features like App Lock to lock your apps with a password, File Explorer to efficiently manage the files stored on your device, App Manager to manage the apps that are unnecessary consuming the space and resources of your Android device.

Pros and Cons of Smart Phone Cleaner

After a detailed use of the app we have prepared a list of pros and cons of the app.

Starting with pros:

  • One stop solution for optimizing and boosting the device performance.
  • User friendly design and features.
  • Accurate results
  • Advanced Scan engine that is quick and speedy.
  • Ease of Use.
  • Module to remove the duplicate files.
  • Protection against malware threats and infections.

Now let’s look at some of the cons of the apps

Ads that pop up on the screen, however it can be resolved by upgrading to the pro version.

The malware protection module doesn’t provide real time protection.


We know that after getting a detailed review about the app now, you wish to ask whether the app is free or due to need to pay for it. So, let’s clear this out. The app comes with in-app purchase means you do not need to pay any upfront cost and you can continue using the free version to optimize your device. However, to get an ad-free experience and unlocking premium features like Private Browsing and Malware Protection you need to pay for the app.

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Wrapping Up

After a thorough analysis and usage we find that Smart Phone Cleaner is one of the best apps to optimize your Android device that is available out there in the Play Store. You can get started right now with the free version of the app and in case you love using the app then upgrade it to Pro version at a later stage.

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