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Approaches to Resolve Netgear Router Slow Internet Issue

Many users perform Netgear router setup in their homes so that they can say goodbye to slow internet connection days. But, several users have complained that despite achieving Netgear WiFi router setup  success, they are stuck with a slow internet connection issue. Are you also not satisfied with the performance of your WiFi device? Is it not working up to the mark? Well, fret not. In this post, we have mentioned some hacks with the help of which, you will definitely be able to get rid of a slow internet connection.

[Resolved] Netgear Router Slow Internet Connection Issue

  1. Restart the Netgear Router

Technical glitches are the number one reason why you are experiencing the Netgear router slow internet connection issue. To get rid of them, restarting your Netgear wireless router is enough. Now, you might be thinking about how to restart your networking device.

Well, it is quite simple. All you need to do is, turn off your Netgear wireless router, hold on for some time, and then, turn on your networking device. Now, check if you have gotten rid of the Netgear router slow internet connection issue. If not, continue reading.

  1. Switch the Connection Source

If you are reading this hack, then it means that you are still stuck with the Netgear router slow internet connection issue. It might be because the connection between the networking devices is unstable and it might be because a WiFi source has been used for the purpose.

Therefore, it is recommended that you change your connection source. In simple words, use a wired source of connection to connect the networking devices. Just ensure that the devices are connected tightly to each other.

  1. Keep WiFi Interference at Bay

Are you still not able to access the Netgear Nighthawk setup wizard due to a slow internet connection? Well, it looks like your wireless device is kept near transmitting appliances, electronic devices, metal objects, and reflexive surfaces.

Therefore, to take care of the problem, you ought to keep WiFi interference at bay. And this can only be done if you change the location of your Netgear wireless router. While doing so, also keep your router away from concrete walls.

  1. Move the WiFi Devices Closer

How far is your Netgear wireless router kept from your existing modem? Is it too far? Well then, you have found another reason why the internet provided by your networking device is not speedy. For this, you need to pull your networking devices closer.

However, make sure that you are not keeping them too close to each other. Or else, their WiFi signals will clash and you will find yourself in yet another pit of Netgear wireless router issues in the future. Thus, do as necessary.

  1. Contact the Internet Service Provider

Perhaps, you are not facing the Netgear router slow internet connection issue because of something that you did. Maybe your Internet Service Provider is not exactly focused on doing his job. Taking this into consideration, it is recommended that you contact your ISP.

If he is not able to resolve the issue at hand in a couple of hours, then take our advice and follow the last hack given in this article, i.e. reset Nighthawk router. For your information, you can execute the process using two different methods.

  1. Perform Factory Default Reset

Resetting your networking device means you need to restore it to its default factory or original mode. You can do so by pressing the Reset button on the router. If you want to learn how to manually reset your device, then refer to the user manual.

After completing the reset process, you ought to set up your device. For that again, you can refer to the user manual. If you ever want to perform Netgear wireless extender setup in your home, you can find the instructions to do so in its user manual.

Wrap Up

With the hope of helping you out, we are wrapping up our guide written on how to resolve the Netgear router slow internet connection issue. Although you will be able to fix the issue at hand using the aforementioned troubleshooting hacks, on the off chance, you are not able to, restart your networking device.

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