Ayurvedic Medicine For Depression

Depression is a common mental disorder, characterized by sadness, loss of interest, pleasure, feeling of guilt or low self worth, disturb sleep, poor appetite, low energy and poor concentration. It is a common mood disorder in elderly and contributes to significant psychological and physical distress, physical disability and higher mortality. Depression is not a normal part of ageing. Many of our senior citizens face difficult changes such as – the death of a spouse or chronic medical problems that can lead to depression.

Depression not only prevents from enjoying life like it could be, it also takes a heavy toll on death. Untreated depression poses serious risks for older people including illness, alcohol, drug abuse and even suicide. Visit: Ayurvedic Medicine For Depression.


  • variations in mood, frequently worse in the morning, but usually better later in the day.
  • Changes in sleeping pattern and eating habits.
  •  Gain or loss of weight
  • Possession of guilt or hopelessness
  • Slowed speech, thought, and movement
  • Thoughts of death or suicide, self-blame, low self-esteem, and other negative thoughts
  • Pain like bodyache complaints that do not have a physical cause.
  • Nervousness and irritability
  • Lack of motivation for crying, and an unrealistic sense of failure
  • Inability to concentrate and trouble making decisions.


Baidyanath have very good approach for the depressive patients with qualitative medicines with good results.

  • BRAHMI VATI- The first most medicine for improving concentration and positive thoughts . Brahmi vati of Baidyanath having Brahmi, Shankhapushpi ,Vach, Kali Mirch, Gaujwa, Swarnamakshik Bhasma, Ras Sindoor & Jatamanshi.as  its ingredients  give quality results  and improves memory as well as Indicated in epilepsy, hysteria & mental weakness.
  • STRESSWIN- This capsule is having Ashawgandha, Brahmi and Jatamansi as main ingredients helps in cases of insomnia, depression, stress, anxiety.
  • ASHWGANDHA-This multipurpose herb act as nervine tonic , helps in relieving pain, cope up with stress, insomnia and boost up energy and immunity.