What All Do You Need to Consider While Looking for a B2B Data List Provider in Malaysia?

With the rising number of companies providing B2C and B2B data list providers in Malaysia, getting a B2B data list for your business is not as hard as it used to be. Finding a reliable and reputed provider isn’t straightforward. 

You need data professionals who will minimize your time on research and help you directly start at the selling or pitching stage. More importantly, before you get a data list, understand why you need one in the first place. This step will help you select a provider based on your requirements

Why Does Your Business Need a B2B Data List?

Effortless discovery of prospective leads:

Manually looking for leads is a time-taking process. It’s vital to research if you want to come away with solid potential leads. However, the market is moving rapidly today. Taking too long with your research and data collection could make you lose your competitive edge. When you choose to buy a B2B data list, you get reliable and credible data without putting in dedicated time and effort. This frees up your resources and personnel to perform other productive tasks.

Access to curated mailer lists for B2B clients:

Typically, you will find a B2B data list provider in Malaysia that will give you lists according to your target market. The concept of mailer lists has been discredited due to multiple incidents of sharing invalid, outdated, or unreliable information. But this is why businesses must choose a reliable B2B data list provider. This guarantees superior-quality leads for your business.

Things to Look for While Buying a Data List

Most industry experts claim that the industry is imploding with more people buying B2B data lists. However, that isn’t true. The problem isn’t buying the email list but buying an inadequate list from subpar vendors. To optimize your business and get all the benefits of a B2B data list curated by a data expert, you need to choose the right vendor. 

Here are some things you should consider:

Choose a reputed vendor:

Every vendor claims to be reliable, credible, and an industry leader. However, bad companies with questionable reputations cannot hide anymore. Several indicators show you which companies have a good reputation and which ones only claim to have one. This includes the UI of the official website, contact details that are easy to find, online reviews, client testimonials, etc. 

Look for a provider that offers a free trial before giving you a data list. Only credible vendors who believe in their services will provide free trials before signing up. They have the confidence that you will end up buying their product if you try, one leading sign of credibility. What’s more, if your trying experience is negative, you have no obligation to purchase from the company. 

Choose an appropriate database:

While a data vendor might have a strong market reputation, they might not have all the contact lists that your business needs. After you shortlist a few reliable data companies, there’s still work to do. Here are some factors to consider:


  1. Don’t choose a partner offering a one-size-fits-all data list: In the B2B world and market, there’s no such thing as a standard list of data or contacts. Businesses are unique, from various industries, marketing niches, and buyer personas. A leading data vendor lets you create a personalized list of contacts based on your business needs instead of selling you a list made for some other business.
  2. Only buy lists that you can customize personally, even partially: Leading data vendors provide innovative options for profile selection. This allows you to identify the right contacts through filters such as geographic, demographic, technographic, and firmographic data. 
  3. Find out from the vendor how often they update the lists they sell: What you want is a data provider who updates and tracks contacts from their lists regularly. You don’t want to get stuck with outdated or non-existent contacts after paying for potential client information. Purchasing freshly updated lists will eliminate the wastage of days or hours you might have spent writing emails that are going to bounce. 

Data is the foundation on which you base your strategies and business objectives. It is vital to carefully assess the selected data list and data cleaning service provider in Malaysia to ensure they understand your vision and business goals.


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