Baby Massage: Ways And Significance Of Doing It

When a simple massage is done on a baby, it has a lot of good effects on the child. The child will have improved sleep, and they will also have a better parent-child bond. There are many types of massage. They can vary from a deep tissue massage to a simple prenatal massage or even a perineal massage. No matter what type of massage it is, the baby will always receive physical and a large number of useful mental benefits. One needs the best oil for baby massage.

Ways to do a baby massage

There are a few simple steps that a person needs to follow when trying to massage a baby.

1. They all have to set the mood

While doing the massage, the parents’ caretaker should 1st of all dim all the lights in the room. Then shut off their phone, and they also need to turn on some soft music if they like. The other thing that they have to make sure of is that the room is a little warm.

2. In the 2nd step, they should keep the baby on a safe surface

Here the caretaker or the parents should choose a very comfortable and flat surface for massaging. This place may be a floor or their bed. This place can also be changing the table of the baby.

3. They have to undress the baby

Here they can use a diaper if they want. Here the main thing a little massage needs is a little air time in their body. A little airtime to a baby’s bum is also beneficial to prevent rashes or any skin disease. Here they have to make sure that they need to slide a towel or two towels under the baby’s body to give them some comfort.

4. They should also give massage with a gentle touch

In this process, the parents or the caretakers should not tease the baby. Here all they need to provide is a calm and peaceful mood for the baby. For small infants, they should use soft and very gentle strokes. For toddlers or infants, A person can use more firm, also known as massage strokes. They should always give a massage stroke which will help smooth the baby’s skin. Here they should not try to rub the skin. The best baby lotions are available online and can be used for a good massage.

5. In this step, they need to target the right body parts

Here massaging the baby’s legs will improve their shins, and it will also help to strengthen their thighs. Here they should also move to their arms. They should always make sure to massage the baby’s hands. For the baby’s stomach, a person should massage it in a clockwise direction. This direction is the same way in which the baby’s digestive system moves. Here they should also massage the chest of the baby. But everyone should avoid the delicate head and neck area of the baby.

6. This will create a special bond with the baby

Here all the parents or the caretaker should talk softly. They can even sing a lullaby if they want or they can gently smile with the baby. Here another important part is that they should look in the eyes of the baby so as to enhance the connection with them.


A person doesn’t need any kind of baby massage oil for doing the massages. Here they can use any type of healthy oils such as coconut oil to make the experience more comfortable and therefore more enjoyable. Oil is specially used to lessen the friction between the skin. Role of the oil is very important and the parents and the caretakers should choose it wisely.

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