Basic Fashion Rules All Men Should Know!

How to look more fashionable even in suits? Is wearing a tie or belt can enhance the overall look of men?

Everyone knows that a successful business man’s career depends on many different factors. And the appearance is not the last place on this list. There are a lot of factors that matter in this.

Therefore, having an appropriate wardrobe gives a person more confidence, increases self-esteem, and inspires the trust of partners and colleagues. The business style of clothing for men is things that testify to the image status and good taste of their owner. The presence of the necessary attributes and the absence of unnecessary elements in a fashionable image emphasize the success and confidence of a modern businessman.

The style of a business tailor-made suit does not require strict adherence to fashion trends. The main rule of creating an image is to choose quality items in accordance with the situation. The modern look of a businessman as a whole is characterized by restraint and laconism, combined with practicality.

The basic men’s wardrobe consists of several essential elements like a suit, a shirt, a tie. This is the basic image complemented with functional accessories.

By knowing all the basic rules of men’s fashion, you can easily enhance their appearance. So, let’s have a look at those rules in detail.

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Basic Fashion Rules All Men Should Know

  • Prefer Quality Over Quantity
  • Choose Suit By Size
  • Know-How to Emphasize your Physique Favorably
  • Consider Colour Balance & Colour Combinations
  • Do Not Go for Too Bright and Complex Colours
  • Pay Special Attention to the Choice of Shirts
  • Do Not Forget Important Details
  • Know When to Wear Accessories
  • Observe The Dress Code


Basic Fashion Rules All Men Should Know

Prefer Quality Over Quantity

A business suit is not something to save on. It is hard to even imagine – not getting a new position simply because you were given away by a cheap suit. In fact, buying a few expensive suits instead of a dozen cheap ones can be even more cost-effective as they do not need to be updated frequently, as they retain their appearance much longer.

Mens custom suits in Sydney from a professional tailor or made to measure will never go unnoticed and will impress your business partner or employer.

Choose Suit By Size

A suit that fits exactly to your size is appropriate. This means that you should take into account the size of the jacket by considering the basic parameters like the shoulders width, and arms plus body length.

The trousers of a classic suit should not look like harem pants, and their length should reach strictly to the middle of the heel. A perfect fit suit will look amazingly beautiful and make you feel comfortable. This is perhaps the best indicator of the right choice.

Know-How to Emphasize your Physique Favorably

A well-chosen suit can hide imperfections and emphasize other advantages, such as an athletic build. You can easily achieve an amazing look with the right colours, patterns, and tailoring. So, do not forget to consider this rule while purchasing a suit.

Consider Colour Balance & Colour Combinations

For business suits, fabrics of traditional colours have been used for a long time. Each of these corresponds to a specific situation. Experimenting with different colours is inappropriate and can seriously damage your image.

The choice of colours for shirts and ties is not so strictly regulated. In this, you can experiment with different colours while not forgetting about the rules for combining colours with your type of appearance.

Do Not Go for Too Bright and Complex Colours

Of course, you can wear only plain suits and not waste time and effort on the selection of fabrics with bright and matching items of clothing. But this can make your overall appearance boring. At a certain stage, a man wants to add variety to his business wardrobe. Try starting with the classic dark suit with pinstripes, and then try fabrics with different textures.

Pay Special Attention to the Choice of Shirts

The shirt is a man’s real alter ego. The choice and appearance of custom made suits and shirts can tell a lot about a man. Therefore, everything is important here like its colour and combination with the suit, your appearance, the quality of the fabric, and the tightness of the body. In addition, the shape of the collar and cuffs, cleanliness, and absence of folds also matters.

Do Not Forget Important Details

Of all the details of a men’s business suit, it is worthy to pay attention to the choice of a tie and even think about trifles as a scarf in a pocket or a boutonniere. But each of these details can spoil your image of a business person if not carrying them appropriately who knows the rules of etiquette and style.

Know When to Wear Accessories

Accessories are another type of small thing that can create a business person’s reputation. When you go for business negotiations, leave huge rings, bracelets, or expensive diamond watches at home. And, focus on other business-related accessories like ties, watches, belts, etc.


You still have a question – why would you prefer all these rules?

If you are a business person, it would be good to always follow the basic etiquettes for complimenting your looks among other business people. For this, you can take the help of experts from the custom tailor Sydney. In fact, knowing and following these simple tips will also help you too:

Make a favourable impression on partners, management, and subordinates
Save time without worrying about what to wear every time

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