Basic Information of 2

To completely control the arena is the goal of the game. You control a little square that moves about constantly and has a tiny beginning area that matches its color.

Other players have the same objective and begin in the same way.

You are secure within your own boundaries. As you go, a trail is left behind that invites people to the arena. You take possession of the area you just passed through if you return to your own territory.

You die, your territory is lost, and you have to start over if someone else follows your route.

The way you move in 2 differs significantly from the first version. Initially, there were only 4 possible ways to move: up, down, left, and right.

Game Flow

Your current character and your top score, which is shown as a percentage of the highest area you have conquered, are presented on the game’s opening screen.

The game can then be started by choosing any of the characters you have unlocked.

Until you pass away, you seize territory and murder other players. The choice to view an advertisement to receive an additional life or reject the offer to return to the main screen is then given to you.

Playing the game

First of all, other people are not used to play this game. You are competing with robots. This entails a fight to the death between you and a group of AI.

You are placed into a game that is already in progress, thus some bots may already have taken over part of the arena.

The game also includes new bot additions. In other words, they won’t stop coming no matter how many bots you kill. You can only count on one feature of their spawning: they will never spawn in your own region.

The amount of bots in relation to the amount of land you have conquered directly related to how challenging the game is.

You start the game with 0.66% of the available playfield. There is 99.34% available room if there are ten additional bots. If there are still 10 bots in the arena after you have taken 50% of it, they are in the remaining 50%, which is a much more condensed region. As a result, it is more difficult to leave your zone without running into someone else.

One of the ways the game get harder is through this. same number of bots in the same amount of space. The scenario became chaotic at the end of the game when any available place was used to spawn another bot.

The bots just need to attack you more frequently when you leave the security of your own zone in order to up the difficulty.

A new hostile bot simply spawns in its place after you kill one in the game. One bot’s life doesn’t really matter all that much.

I may be overthinking this, and I don’t actually have any evidence to support that assertion. It’s the only other significant means by which the game’s difficulty might be scaled.

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