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Best Features of a Beauty Salon Appointment App like Beauty Date

To have an on demand beauty services and appointment booking app is one of the best business opportunities in this year. As more and more people are shifting their focus towards health, fitness and beauty, the profitability of these apps has reached a summit like never before. However, starting this kind of a business can be a difficult one, if you haven’t carefully examined all the important features that need to be included within the app. In today’s blog post, we will try to identify the three major components of the On Demand Beauty Salon Appointment app from an app like Beauty Date and the most important features for all these components. So, let’s get started.

What are the three major components of the app?

For any app to be successful, just having a front end will not cut it. One has to have a full fledged system using which they can ensure that all aspects of the app can be run smoothly. There are 3 major components of the app. They are:

  1. The User App
  2. The Service Provider (Beautician) App
  3. The Admin Panel

Apart from this, there also has to be a website that facilitates people to make online booking and appointments without having to download the app. The website can also serve the purpose of a front that enables the company (app owner’s brand) to showcase and display more information about the brand, to enable every party involved to build and tweak their profiles, and to display different offers and so on and so forth.

For today’s blog, we will focus on the three major apps and the features that are most important for them.

The User App Features

This app is one that is used directly by the end user. Therefore, it has to be absolutely seamless. People will pass a judgment on whether they want to use the app or not, just by experiencing this side of the application. Therefore, following are the most important features to be included:

  1. Quick Download: If you are a beauty app, make sure that your name is easy to understand. There are hundreds of thousands of beauty related apps on the app stores. These apps include photo filter apps, beauty tip apps, and on demand ones as well. Make sure that your application has a name that makes its purpose clear. If it is an on demand app, then people should know that. Furthermore, the app should be lightweight and easy to download. Having heavy apps is extremely discouraging.
  2. Quick Log In: There is not one person in the whole universe who enjoys filling registration forms to log in into an app. That is the single most irritating thing in an application. This is why; you have to make sure that your app is quick to log in. Give the option of log in via Facebook, or Gmail and if the user doesn’t want that, then you may enable them to register by filling out a very short and crisp form.
  3. Service Categories: When it comes to beauty services, there are a myriad of options available. Your app must most definitely have the option of empowering your users to filter these services using categories.

The Service Provider (Beautician App)

This is the application that is used by the beauticians. This should have the features that can facilitate them to find the right jobs.

  1. Create Profile: This option will enable the service provider (beautician) to create their own profile in the app. They can list out their proficiencies, their expertise and experience here. This will allow them to get better job offers.
  2. Accept/ Reject requests: Just because the app prompts it, it doesn’t make it mandatory for the service provider (beautician) to take up the job. If the service provider doesn’t want to take up the job for any reason, they should be able to reject the request so that it can be notified to the users who can in turn send the request to another service provider (beautician).

The Admin Panel

This is the section that is concerned with the App Owner. This app is a huge one, with many components to it. Managing it successfully is only going to be possible if the app has a strong admin panel. These are the features that are important.

  1. Bird’s eye view of the app: This will enable the app owner to see exactly what is going on with the business end. They can see hotspots, calculate their progression and so on and so forth.
  2. Download reports: This feature will allow the app owner to download reports that showcase the service provider’s jobs, the income from the app etc.
  3. Customize setting: This section is useful because it will allow the admin (app owner) to determine various settings such as radius of operation, commission per service etc.

On the whole, getting the right on demand beauty salon services app like the Beauty Date is a great business prospect provided you purchase this app from a reliable white label on demand mobile app development company that includes all the above mentioned features in the On demand beauty salon appointment app.

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