Some Exclusive Features and Benefits HPE FlexNetwork 5130 HI Switches

The HPE Flex Network 5130 HI Switch Series includes Gigabit Ethernet switches that support static routing and Layer 3 RIP, diversified services, and IPv6 forwarding, additionally to providing four 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) interfaces.

Unique Intelligent Resilient Fabric (IRF) technology creates a virtual fabric by managing multiple switches together with logical devices, which increases network resilience, performance, and availability while reducing operational complexity. HPE FlexNetwork 5130 HI Switches provide Gigabit Ethernet access and may be used at the sting of a network or to attach server clusters in small data centers. High availability, simplified administration, and comprehensive security control policies are among the key features that distinguish these series. This switch also supports dual modular power supplies.

Features and Benefits

Open Flow

supports the Open Flow 1.3 specification to enable SDN by allowing data separation (packet forwarding) and control (routing decision) routes administration

Remote configuration and management

allows configuration and management through a secure CLI located on a remote device

Administrator and operator privilege levels

provides read-only (operator) and read/write (administrator) access to the management CLI interfaces

Command authorization

leverages RADIUS / HWTACACS to bind a custom list of CLI commands to the login of an individual network administrator; Besides provides an audit trail

Various configuration files

easily stored in the flash image

Full session record

provides detailed information for problem identification and resolution

Remote monitoring (RMON)

uses standard SNMP to watch essential network functions; supports groups of events, alarms, history, and statistics, plus a personal group alarm extension group

IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)

announces and receives management information from adjacent devices on a network, facilitating network mapping management applications

sFlow (RFC 3176)

provides ASIC-based scalable wire-speed network monitoring and accounting with no impact on network performance; this permits network operators to gather a spread of sophisticated network information and statistics for capacity planning real-time network monitoring purposes

Management VLAN

segments traffic to and from management interfaces, including CLI / Telnet and SNMP

Remote smart mirror

Mirrors traffic selected by inbound/outbound ACLs from a switch port or VLAN to an area or remote switch port anywhere within the world net

Device Link Detection Protocol (DLDP)

monitors a cable between two compatible switches and shuts down the ports at both ends of the cable is broken, which avoid network problems like loops

Access control lists (ACLs)

provides IP Layer 2 to Layer 4 traffic filtering; supports global ACL, VLAN ACL, port ACL, and IPv6 ACL

IEEE 802.1X

industry-standard method of user authentication using an IEEE 802.1X supplicant on the client in conjunction with a RADIUS server

MAC-based authentication

the client authenticates with the RADIUS server supported the client’s MAC address

Identity-based security and access control

  • ACL per user allows or denies the user access to specific network resources supported user identity and time of day, allowing multiple sorts of users on an equivalent network to access specific network services without compromising network security or providing unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • Automatic VLAN assignment automatically assigns users to the acceptable VLAN supported their identities

Transmission control

Allows limitation of transmission traffic rate to reduce unwanted network transmission traffic

Advanced QoS based on classifiers

classifies traffic using various matching criteria based on information from layers 2, 3, and 4; apply QoS policies as configuration priority level and rate limit for selected traffic on an entire port, VLAN, or switch

Powerful QoS function

supports the following congestion actions: strict priority queue (SP), weighted round-robin (WRR), and SP + WRR

Traffic policy

Supports Committed Access Rate (CAR) and Line Rate


automatically adjusts for straight or crossover cables on all 10/100/1000 ports

Flow control

Provides back pressure using the IEEE 802.3x standard, reducing congestion in heavy traffic situations

High-density connectivity

provides up to 48 fixed 10/100 / 1000BASE-T ports on a Layer 2 / Lite Layer 3 switch

Ethernet Operations, Management, and Maintenance (OAM)

detects data link layer problems that occurred in the “last mile” using the IEEE 802.3ah OAM standard; monitor status of the link between two devices

Non-blocking architecture

Non-blocking switching fabric up to 216 Gb / s provides wire-speed switching with a throughput of up to 190.5 million PPS

Hardware-based wire-speed access control lists (ACLs)

Help provide high levels of security and ease of management without impacting network performance with a variety of features TCAM-based ACL implementation

Independent data and control paths

separates control of services and isolates service processing; increases safety and performance

Smart link

allows less than 100 ms of failover between links

Spanning Tree / PVST +, MSTP, RSTP

provides redundant links while avoiding network loops

Smart Resilient Fabric (IRF)

creates resilient virtual switch fabrics, where two to nine switches function as a single L2 switch and an L3 router; switches do it does not have to be located in the same place and can be part of a disaster recovery system; Servers or switches can be connected using LACP for automatic load balancing and high availability; can eliminate the need for complex protocols like spanning tree protocol, Equal-Cost Multipath (ECMP), or VRRP, which simplifies network operation

Internal dual redundant power supply

Provides high reliability by keeping the network active while delivering up to 1440 Watts of PoE +

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