Nitrile disposable gloves

Benefits Of Using Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves provide a durable, chemical-resistant, hypoallergenic, and versatile option for people who need protection for their hands. Below are the benefits of nitrile gloves

Comfortable And Has Allergenic Properties.

It is a disposable glove consisting of a latex-free construction that is also puncture-resistant. Rarely, people experience an allergic reaction when wearing these nitrile gloves. They commonly experience symptoms such as an IV hypersensitivity reaction or skin irritation. These reactions are caused by allergenic additives such as glove powder or accelerants to improve elasticity. It consists of a powder to absorb sweat.

But these symptoms are milder, and you may buy Nitrile disposable gloves that do not contain powder or are accelerator-free.

Different Colors For Different Tasks

These gloves are available in several colors, such as purple, orange, white, blue, or black, but they are most commonly available in the blue shade. You cannot determine the performance of the gloves based on their color. Many organizations are using color-coded gloves, and one color is assigned to one department. In hospitals, blue gloves are worn for routine tasks, purple gloves are worn for surgery use, and black gloves are worn by non-health workers.

Different Lengths Of The Cuff For Different Applications

For different applications, we require different types of nitrile gloves. Generally, people use short-cut gloves for performing tasks. Surgeons usually wear the long-cuffed models, usually 8 to 12 inches in length, to perform surgeries where patients experience bleeding. In such cases, these gloves provide pathogen protection from the fingertips to the arms.

They Are Durable And Provide Pathogen Protection

Nitrile is not a flexible material like rubber. It is not as agile as latex gloves, but it is more puncture-resistant.

It protects your hands from pathogens and is widely used in medical environments. The doctors are using exam or surgical gloves.

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