Fast food chain Hardee’s is well-known for its sexy advertisements, large, flavorful portions, and “Hardee’s best burger.” So that I may advise you on what to eat and what to avoid at Hardee’s, I sampled a variety of the restaurant’s finest offerings.

I sampled everything from the breakfast options to the milkshakes to the burgers so that you wouldn’t have to. Best burgers on discounted rates available on Hardees coupons.


Hardee’s is a fantastic place to visit whether you’re in the mood for a quick burger or a hearty breakfast. Since Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. are affiliated, many of their menu items are interchangeable.

For this experiment, I volunteered to be the guinea pig, since I know from personal experience that fast food places may be hit or miss. Here are the top 15 foods from Hardee’s that I tried and recommend trying for yourself!


Hardee’s is the only place to get a decent barbecue chicken sandwich, and I adore them.

It consists of a charbroiled chicken breast on a potato bun with some of their BBQ sauce, some tomato slices, and some lettuce and Hardee’s best burger. If only there were some crunchier toppings on the sandwich, like chopped onion or lettuce.


There is a need for a little more rigidity in the texture, but the taste is superb. Their barbecued chicken has a lovely charbroil on the surface and a tender, white inside that soaks up every last drop of flavorful sauce.

The potato bread, which is soft and starchy and makes the sandwich more comforting to consume, is an underappreciated aspect of the sandwich.


The Hardee’s Frisco Thickburger is an intriguing choice. An Angus beef burger of one-third a pound, topped with Swiss cheese, tomato, mayonnaise, and crisp bacon, and served on toasted sourdough, is a novel take on the traditional burger.

Even though I normally don’t like of burgers on sandwich bread, the sourdough was substantial enough to hold up to the burger.


The burger itself was tasty, but the bacon was the real star. Swiss cheese that melts in your mouth and is perfectly crunchy on the outside.

Although the tomato is ripe and flavorful, the burger might benefit from the addition of additional toppings such as lettuce or sliced red onion.


The Charbroiled Chicken Club at Hardee’s best burger is a delicious and tender alternative to their BBQ chicken sandwich.


Served on a potato bread, the sandwich has charbroiled chicken, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. There’s no need to change a thing; their bacon is still excellent. Two generous slabs, cooked to a golden crisp without becoming dry or chewy; used in a club sandwich.

This sandwich has better texture, taste, and presentation than their BBQ sandwich. But the bacon may be making me crazy! However, the chicken is well-seasoned and has a more robust taste than the BBQ-soaked piece.


Whenever I’m in Frisco, I can’t resist getting a breakfast sandwich. It’s served on sourdough bread with thinly sliced ham, one folded egg, and melted American and Swiss cheeses.

I have no idea what the term “Frisco” refers to, but if you hear it, take it as a sign that you’ll be receiving sourdough instead of regular bread.

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This breakfast sandwich is more substantial than the norm, making it a good choice on a morning when you wake up feeling puckish. The two types of cheese are what really make this dish shine, adding an abundance of oozy-gooey goodness as well as a sweet and salty taste profile.

Substituting bacon for the ham will take your Hardee’s breakfast to a whole new level, at least if you’re a bacon fanatic like me.


The Hardee’s best burger Mushroom and Swiss Angus Burger is my favorite thing here. You get a burger made from 100% Black Angus beef, charbroiled, topped with Swiss cheese and a hearty mushroom sauce, and served on a toasted potato bun.

The burger has fantastic taste, which comes as no surprise given that Swiss cheese and mushrooms are a perfect complement.


Each mouthful of this thick and juicy burger is accompanied by a satisfying crunch and a flood of flavor from the superb charbroil on the exterior. The creamy mushroom sauce on Hardee’s best burger and melting, salty Swiss cheese are the greatest parts.

Because of the messiness of this dinner, additional napkins should be used.


Hardee’s fish sandwich isn’t great, which isn’t surprising. Beer-battered fish sandwich doesn’t rank higher because of this. If you didn’t know it was a fish sandwich, you may not order it. It’s chicken-shaped.

The fish is uniformly-shaped and breaded. Unfortunately, the breading is better. Fish isn’t flaky and tasteless.

On a seeded sandwich with lettuce and tartar sauce is breaded fish. We wish there were more vegetables than the lettuce. The tartar sauce is nice (although not as good as McDonald’s). This boring sandwich isn’t horrible, but it’s not really enticing.


We don’t like Hardee’s sliced beef sandwiches. Indeed. The Monster Roast Beef is better than the Big Hot Ham ‘n’ Cheese, but not by much. This sandwich lacks any freshness. Instead, it’s a mountain of animal products.

Even the most ravenous readers may think it’s too much halfway through the sandwich.

This sandwich has roast beef and bacon. Melted American cheese adds taste (but in the worst way possible). We’d have liked Swiss, but that’s not our call. This sandwich’s only saving grace? Delicious au jus sauce.


Hardee’s best burger may be their trademark. We enjoy the fast food joint’s big beef burgers. We don’t like the Bacon and Cheese Angus Burger, which uses a thick burger patty. The burger patty itself is fine. We enjoy how bacon, lettuce, and tomato combine meatiness and freshness. We don’t like the mayo on this burger.

Too much mayo overpowers the other flavors. The cheese is already creamy, adding mayo seems unnecessary. Even though bacon and burger patties make it rich, it has a robust taste. This sandwich from Hardee’s is ridiculous. This sandwich is good except the mayo.

9.      DOUBLE WBC

Hardee’s Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger is a great substantial fast food option. This sandwich is a little excessive, but wonderful. Two beef patties, bacon, American cheese, and BBQ sauce on a toasted bread. False. This burger’s onion rings provide crunch and flavor.

Onion rings with a burger sound delicious. You may do it while ordering a burger with onion rings. We’re delighted we don’t have to make this combo ourselves. This burger isn’t the freshest, but it tastes great.

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