Best Hunting Knives 2022

Every hunter will be interested in knives. They take on many important options. The best hunting knives in 2022 are presented in a solid assortment. The main purpose of these attributes is far from being reduced to helping the owner win in hand-to-hand combat with an animal because such a phenomenon is extremely rare. They help a person to stay in the wild, for example, when skinning prey, finishing off, as well as in the kitchen and field task.

Following their purpose, knives can be produced in different shapes. There are also multi-tools, as well as cleavers, folding versions, and cleavers. They are mainly produced by foreign brands. Of course, it is worth noting that the products are not always acceptable for everyone at a price.

Within the framework of the article, each reader will find out which brands are included in the TOP rating of good manufacturers in the world. When compiling the list, such parameters as compliance with many criteria, quality, appearance, and the opinion of customers who shared their feedback on the Web were taken into account.

TOP brands of hunting knives.


The Damascus1 manufacturer is used to standing out from the competition with a special supply of knives on the market. The design is very bright and eye-catching. For the first time about the Damascus brand, Damascus1 became known in the 30s of the last century. Initially, production was carried out in the small town of Syria, but later it was decided to move to Damascus. Gradually, the brand covered 80 percent of the Syrian knife market. If in the past there were no outstanding features in the design, then in the future the brand directed its efforts in this direction.

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The emphasis in the design is on the harsh customs of Syria. For example, deer antlers frame the handle, and when using artificial aging of the blade, it is possible to make it eviler in outline.


There are a lot of great products available from the Swedish brand Mora of Sweden, and they are available at the best price on the international market. This is a very old brand, which was formed by the merger of 2 organizations – Frosts Knife Manufacture and KJ Eriksson, which were opened back in 1891 and 1912, respectively.

Not surprisingly, this experience was used to the benefit of the new organization. It was possible to quickly find a buyer and settle in the market in a leadership position.

According to the reviews, there is nothing better than Mora of Sweden knives in the world. The only negative is that you will have to buy products through the online store.

The range of the brand includes knives that are made specifically for tourists, as well as for the need of cutting prey. Also very popular is the model with a blade hardness of 57 HRC. Although these indicators are not enough compared to competitors, in practice the knife is very durable and is an excellent assistant for every hunter.


The American brand Cold Steel stands out from the background of other brands with a high overload capacity of knives. Lyn Thompson, who is known as a martial artist, an expert in edged weapons, became the designer of this line.

Customer reviews confirm that the quality of Cold Steel knives is at the highest level. They can withstand heavy loads, while there is completely no break in the mechanism – a locker, as is the case with folding variations. The blade part of the knife does not bend or break. The handle is also known for its excellent durability.

TRUE FLIGHT THROWER is one of the most sought-after knives among the manufacturer’s other offerings. It has a comfortable braided nylon handle, the blade is quite hard – 58 HRC, made following the tanto type. It is worth this option at a very budget price. But the premium class is represented by the popular TALWAR 5.5 folding knife.


The American brand Tidioute Cutlery Company became known for its combat knife, which allowed it to reach the world level. This model is actively demanded by connoisseurs of military subjects and hunters. There are a dozen different variations of geometry in the blade area, the length of the blade itself. The handle also varies. The Ka-Bar is equipped with a blade that is 178 mm long. It is made based on solid steel – 60-64 HRC. This figure is high.


Compared to other representatives of our TOP, the Silver Stag brand cannot boast of large knives, but on the other hand, all production is manual, and its collection also has exclusive hunting tools. Of course, handmade is the main factor why the brand’s products are so expensive.

Another thing to consider is the fact that the handle of the knives is entirely made of antlers. Although the scale of production of the company is not large, you can buy knives from Silver Stag in the Russian Federation. True, for this you need to fool around with the search for specialized stores. You can also contact the online store for help.

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