Best Martial Arts for Endomorphs: Are Endomorphs good fighters?

If you want to learn Martial Arts, it does not matter about your weight or height. Some people are stronger naturally, and some are fragile. While learning Mixed Martial Arts, you need to recognize your body type to reap more benefits.

Mainly, there are three body types, and we are looking into which one is best for MMA. Different body shapes come with various benefits according to their inherent physical abilities. Above all, every fighter has advantages and disadvantages due to their particular body form. Additionally, martial Art comes with various styles and techniques from many combat systems while using Martial Arts gear.

Different body types are ideal for MMA.

There are three main MMA body types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph.


Ectomorph is a skinny type with a lean appearance, minimal body fat, and fast metabolism. They need intense workouts to gain muscle and high-calorie intake to create any difference. Such fighters have some distinct body qualities with significant advantages. With a longer reach of height, it is challenging for the opponent to respond. They can last mighty kicks and are tough to control as they are in the upper hand.


Mesomorph is a muscular type with smaller hips and broad shoulders. Such fighters gain muscle mass quickly, are taller than average, and have superior metabolism. They have the physical advantage of gaining strength and endurance. They come with the best combination of strength with speed and explosive power. Such bodies are best for Boxing, Martial Arts, and Wrestling as they have the endurance for various striking and ground situations.


Endomorph is a short and stocky type with big burly bodies. Such body holders have the same breadth of shoulders and hips and develop significant bulk quickly. As a result, it is pretty difficult to reduce body fats, and they gain weight quickly, competing in weight class categories. But they found it difficult to trim weight afterward as they store fats easily.

However, the body has the advantage of storing fats as it performs as a protection layer during grappling. In addition, they have intense ground games due to their more muscular legs and lower center of gravity. Therefore, such endomorph fighters have natural grounding and a solid base.

What are Martial Arts best for Endomorphs?

Typically, Endomorphs are best suitable for Taekwondo as they build muscles with ease. It is hard for them to lose weight, and with constant training, they can have toned and sturdy bodies to perform well. As these fighters have a lower center of gravity, they can produce massive force by twisting their hips and performing hooks and uppercuts. Taekwondo Martial Art is pure leg training, and with the right Martial Art gear, one can practice well and double the rate of fat burning.

Above all, you need to maintain constant control over your opponent to win a fight. So, if we talk about the Martial Arts for endomorphs, Wrestling is pretty powerful. Because of their short height, they can quickly attack legs, control the battle on the ground, and secure a constant takedown. Furthermore, Wrestling is for heavier fighters, so it is the best body type for Martial Arts.

Tai Chi Martial Art is overall body movement training, and endomorphs can benefit from constant training. In addition, burning fat and stretching your body helps a lot.

Kenpo and Aikido are martial arts that need vigorous training exercises, and doing hard work will maintain your body and make you the best fighter. Indeed, you will learn techniques despite lower body fats, but that will need a lot of hard work and practice drills.

Moreover, if endomorphs have some excessive fats, especially in the lower parts of the body, we suggest you start jogging and exercising. With regular workout and maintenance with Martial Arts gear, such fighters can have the sexiest body. A pear-shaped body cannot stop you from joining any Martial Arts class.

Concluded Note: 

Each body type has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of Martial Arts, and it is challenging to enlist the best kind. Moreover, MMA covers a wide range of Martial Arts, and one can reap benefits according to distinct body types. Therefore, one must research to understand the entire scope of your body type and then use it during a fight. Starpro Combat comes with high-quality and durable Martial arts gear so that an endomorph can train well during intense workout drills.

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